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random details

My memory sucks.  And I’m only 29.  I’ve become diligent over the last year to adopt the habit of creating myself lists for EVERYTHING.  Problem is, I forget so quickly sometimes that I grab a pen to add something to my list and have already forgotten what it was.  It’s frustrating, but all I can do is laugh about it 🙂 Well, and hope like hell the thought comes back to me at some point!

So, I’ve decided that creating posts on a tablet, instead of an actual computer, is not wise if you have a lot to say.  I haven’t posted a few times in which I have intended to recently because I type like crazy, but when I hit “publish” my tablet and I just sit there and stare at each other until I give up!  This time I’m putting down the effort in front of a computer, with hopes that I will have more success.

Last random dribble for now… Today is day two free from my long list of prescription pill-popping.  Have to say, I don’t feel even the slightest improvement in sense of taste or touch.  Still disgusted by even the smell of coffee.  My favorite foods and I are still taking a break from each other, as the incredible change in how they taste now and how I remember them is so drastic I can’t ignore it.  While two nights ago I actually managed to recover 9 hours worth of much-needed sleep, this morning I was WIDE awake at 4:00 again.  Maybe I just need to accept it, and alter my daily routine to fit this new “habit”?  Have a feeling this idea will be a tough sell with my girl though…  She’s more the stay up late, sleep late type 🙂

Bright note – yesterday felt like SPRING and I LOVED IT!!!


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  1. Lists are my best friend, Kate.
    it’s not just the MS that makes me write them – I also have adult ADD…so lists just keep me on track.
    Hope it helps ya!

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