one day it'll all make sense.

testing a theory…

Ok, let’s back-track a little here, if I may…  February 21st I headed to Emerg complaining of sudden numbness of the right side of my face, head and arm as well as mild weakness and poor coordination on the same side.  I also mentioned my loss of taste sensation and extreme fatigue.  I shared with the ER doctor the list of medications I take regularly, as well as my medical history.  Once the MS label was slapped on, no further investigation followed.  Steroids were prescribed, which I declined at the time.  

By February 23rd I was feeling even worse.  Went to my GP and went through the same break down of the problems I was having.  Also mentioned that I had started a new drug on February 19th, and inquired as to whether or not that may be causing the symptoms.  Same result.  Sounds like it could be MS.  Seeing as my GP has known me since I was born… I went with his advice and filled the steroid script.  Side note – while some people cope well with the treatment, I go through hell.  :-p

SO… I toughed it out through the 12 days of steroids.  Dealt with the lack of sleep and fight to keep my eyes open driving to and from work.  (I know that sounds strange, but it’s just how I roll!)  Yet after it all, I have found really no relief.  On March 8th, I decided to exercise the powers of google and do some research.  When I googled the side effects associated with my new medication, guess what I found?!  Many of the problems I was running in to were listed as possible side effects for the drug!  ALSO, the long list of drugs which can interact negatively with this drug included Prednisone and Modafinyl.  While the Prednisone was newly prescribed as well, I’ve been taking Modafinyl all along.  

Long story short- to test my little theory, I have stopped taking the new prescription to see if things revert themselves back to normal.  This is maybe not the best case scenario, but it’s just a little experiment until my upcoming appointment with my specialist.  After just a few days, my energy level has improved quite a bit and I think my sense of taste has improved slightly as well.  IF my theory is correct, once again I find myself facing the frustration which comes along with doctors blaming every situation I find myself in as a possible new MS symptom.  Yet again I will beg the question: “why can’t we first treat it as though it’s not?”


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