one day it'll all make sense.

So, I’ve been reading a LOT lately about all the benefits which can come from the “Paleo”  or “Primal Blueprint”  lifestyle.  This all stems from a friend’s post of a video which shares a seminar done by a Dr. Terry Kohl where she talks about how she was able to reverse some of her MS related symptoms through a change to her diet.  Check it out if you’d like:

This video got me rolling on my research quest.  I’ve spent some time at Chapters and found a LOT of books which support this belief that what we put into our bodies can help with disease.  Makes sense.  I’ve always been a strong believer that diet is the cause behind contracting certain ailments, so why would it not also work in the reverse?  Since gaining 50 lbs in 2006 and going through the process of regaining control of myself and my life, I’ve been very disciplined when it comes to nutrition and fitness.  I did shed the 50 lbs through hard work and dedication, and learned a lot more about myself along the way.  Yes, I had to cut out a lot of the bad food choices I was previously making, but I really don’t miss them!  At first the thought of this new “Paleo/Primal” mindset was strange to me cause it’s a bit of a polar opposite to what I used to be successful so far.  However, a lot of it makes sense too.

SO… I did some thinking, and I’m going to give it a try.  What’s 30 days really??  I actually started yesterday and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.  A lot of people use this concept to lose weight, however that is NOT my goal at all!  There have been many cases where it has helped people with MS and Polycystic Ovarian syndrome, which I would really appreciate!  Exercise routines won’t change.  Just diet.  MORE – vegetables, healthy fats from nuts and oils, and lean proteins.  NO- breads or grains.  Only thing I refuse to leave behind is my Greek yogurt.  :-p  LOVE that stuff too much…

March 24-April 22.  1 day down…

Interesting reads:

Paleo diet and MS –

Primal Blueprint –


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