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cross fitting in life

Today was a day off for me from my regular gig, but I was helping prep for this Sunday’s inventory at Ange’s store.  Wow, my job really lacks in physical effort in comparison!  I’ve done every position pretty much over the last 10 years at Sport Chek, but stepped down to part-time when I was hired in my current job.  Sometimes I miss the daily “grind” of working there full-time… and although I consider myself to be in good physical condition, today was tiring! :-p  Crossfit and where to find it in everyday life?  I spent the first part of my day squatting to “clean and press” style picking up boxes of ski boots, pressing them up over my head to carry them from the service shop back into the storage room.  Scaled ladders and the tech shop counter (shhh… don’t tell OH&S…) carrying heavy boxes, etc.  That’s what I find awesome about crossfit.  It’s not your typical workout which puts your body through a bunch of unnatural movements.  It’s doesn’t use fancy fitness machines that only focus on one muscle at a time… often while you sit on your BUTT.  Crossfit is real.  It’s always something different making it tough to get bored.  AND it challenges your whole body to gain strength which can benefit in other parts of life…

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  1. Jennifer "Jay" Bull said:

    I have to say that is what I love about Crossfit as well. It makes living life easier, because your entire body is getting a workout with movements you actually will use int he real world.

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