one day it'll all make sense.

ideally speaking

Take that chin ups!  My challenge I set for myself at the beginning of April was 5 chin ups by the end of the month…  my staff can be my witnesses, I just did 6!  HA!!  The only part that’s scary about that is the next goal which is bouncing around in my absurd thoughts is max number of burpies in 7 minutes.  Just the thought of it makes me cringe a bit.  First time I tried this, I lasted 45sec and said “screw this!!”  😮

What exactly is perfect?  Is it a standard we set for ourselves to determine how we compare to our own ideals?  Question to consider to yourself… what factors influenced the building of these ideals in your mind?  Are they heavily based on your own opinions, or does the influence of friends, family or the media play a substantial role?

I’m not perfect.  I never will be, and I’m ok with that.  I am happy though.  I will always try hard to accept the things I can’t change.  I will also try to work hard to improve the areas I feel could use improvement.  I will celebrate the little victories (totally OWNED that chin up bar today!!) and learn from my mistakes.  At least if I’m making mistakes, I will be satisfied as I know I tried.  😉

Haha, sorry!  I seem to be having a random inspiration day… :-p I’ll be back to my usual random self soon I’m sure.


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  1. OMG, who would want to be perfect? This way you always have something to strive for and with that comes the inspiration to make every day better than the last. Great work on that chin up. Fortunately for me, that isn’t one of my goals or I’d fail miserably!

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