one day it'll all make sense.

“I will do better”

Coming to the end of a challenging week…  I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I just seem to find it tough to fit it all in.  In terms of food, I’ve been right on track, but when it comes to my usual workout routine… I’ve been off the pace a bit.  Maybe that’s how it should be though…  when things are too routine it’s not always a good thing.  I played hockey last Sunday, did an hour of yoga on Monday, played hockey again Tuesday, rode my spin bike for over an hour Wednesday, played more hockey Thursday (which was intense with only 1 sub!), and took yesterday off.  Well, other than my 6 consecutive chin ups and a second attempt to duplicate the demonstration which only made it to number 5…  At the end of my shift at work is not when I’m at my optimal in terms of performance it seems.  First thing in the morning seems best!  I guess looking back, my week wasn’t a loss… just different.

A good friend said something the other day that stuck with me…  “I will do better”  At first I didn’t really think about it a whole lot when she said it, but over time I have sort of decided I like the simplicity of that.  Such a simple statement, but it’s one that encourages changing your every day routine and growing to reach a goal.  Feeding from my last post where I rejected the concept of achieving perfection, it fits.  Everyone has something to which this statement could apply…  For me, after years of fighting the battle to lose weight and achieve the “ideal” which I set for myself through excessive exercise and diligent calorie counting, I can do better.  The Primal Blueprint has altered my way of thinking about food, predominantly fat, as being something to appreciate for all of the positive it can do for your body, rather than something that needs to be heavily restricted and even feared for the bad things it can do when not understood properly…

When it comes to my habits of counting calories (which were close to the point of obsessive at times!) I will do better.  Learning to have a better understanding of food and the positive it can provide seems like a much better use of time and energy.  😉


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