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rambling, really

so, not unlike any other day, yesterday kind of slipped away from me…  This week has been a bit like that too!  One thing I did take from yesterday though was that I need to find a way to be more prepared in terms of food when I’ll be spending my day running around.  Took an apple Lara bar as a snack(mmmmmm delicious!!), but when I left home at 7:45 is, dropped Ange at work, headed to the gym for a quick mostly ab workout, bolted to my doctor’s appointment which was scheduled for 10:20 didn’t happen until 11:40, then headed back to Ange’s work to help out with inventory prep stuff….  I was STARVING :p  And looking for a quick Primal “bite” is not something I’ve figured out quite yet!  Haha…

Today is a big day though 🙂  Today is 4 weeks since I started my Primal/Paleo challenge and I’ve ROCKED it!  Haven’t cheated at all, and have to say… I haven’t really felt the temptation to.  I tested my will power last week by going to Denny’s for dinner with my girl.  The old me would have thoroughly enjoyed sharing half of a whole wheat pancake.  I didn’t even flinch at this no longer being an option.  Ordered hardboiled eggs, bacon and fruit and was completely satisfied with this selection 🙂  For anyone who has thought about giving the Primal thing a shot, let me tell you I have found it well worth the effort!  It can be a challenge at times, sure, but the positives far outweigh any negatives.  Sure, I may never eat oatmel again.  Pfft, whatever.  I have found soooooo many recipes online that have all been incredibly good tasting and have renewed my LOVE for cooking 🙂

Sadly… that’s it from me for today.  Every time I tried to sit and put my thoughts to type, I seemed to be pulled in any of a number of directions.  😉

Keep up or get out

As a kid, I thought zucchini was a huge mistake.  Who would want to eat a cucumber that’s missing all the juicy goodness?  Now… it’s one of my favourite veggies.  Funny how opinions change over time…  I’m dying to compose some big long random masterpiece, but things just keep getting in my way! :p  Kinda like the cold dinner I just finally managed to pause for a second to eat after three failed attempts that were interrupted by a staff member needing something, a customer needing something, or the phone…  Not really complaining though!  I’ll take a busy day at work any day!  AND…  spaghetti squash really isn’t so bad moderately warm 😉  Tomorrow there will be lots more to say…

BOO-YA!! :)

Hell yes!!  Just charged through 5 chin ups in a row 🙂  What a great way to get all reved up to start the day.  Next time, I’ll be having someone holding a video camera so I can post this victory… I’m so excited :p  Sounds completely lame, maybe, but chin ups are my nemesis and I WON.  Haha.

better late than never

OK… so, I drafted this early Sunday morning and never got back to it as planned.  So, although it’s no longer news –


Oh tired day… last night was a long one with inventory at work. Didn’t get out of the store until after midnight, then after the loooong trek home I finally crawled into bed around 1:30. This may not sound like much of a sob story to most, but I’m NOT a night person. At all. Another wonderful MS attribute. The running joke is “Kate turns into a pumpkin around 10”. :p a late night has been known to throw me off for up to a week. Here you go Primal, here’s your chance to prove to me what you can do…
After a killer breakfast of an egg white omelet full of veggies and my new fav. sweet potato cinnamon mash, I starting to feel revived. Going to jump on my spin bike soon for a light ride. I’d love to go for a ride outside, but it’s pouring… Won’t melt, I know, but never mind 😉 Playing ball hockey tonight too, so it’ll be another good cardio day.
More than 3 weeks into my trial run of a grain-free life and I feel great! I’m strong, energized, no longer deal with the bloating, constant hunger and carb crash. Food tastes better too. Veggies and fruits are FULL of flavor like I’ve never experienced. I can do this. Anyone can do this. It’s about commitment and determination, right? Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s never really hard…

happy friday

Boo-ya!  For whatever reason, I’m in one of those fully energized and super-happy kinda moods today.  🙂  I do work in retail though, so that could be tough to maintain :-p  Already thinking about my options of a lower body assassination or a cardio party which I can look forward to for this evening.

Yesterday was a poorly planned day, that actually turned out to be rather well executed.  Went to the gym in the morning to bust through a crossfit routine I wanted to try…  7 sets of 3 reps of thrusters with a 60lb bar.  It felt great!  I definitely felt as though the weight should be heavier, but I don’t like to lift too heavy when working out by my self.  Since I apparently felt as though the trusters were not enough of a challenge, I also added 4 sets of 5 reps lat pull downs at 75lbs, 90lbs, 105lbs, 90lbs and 3 sets of bicep curls, bench dips, lateral shoulder raises and front shoulder raises.  Overall, a great workout and my upper body was spent! 

Where the poor planning came into play was my next task for the day…  I realized when I got to Walmart the 30lb box of shitty-kitty (cat litter) would not be an enjoyable job for my tired arms :-p  Haha, oops.

I like my coffee black

Some days it’s not easy.  Some days I feel like making any one of a long list of excuses.  Easy would be going home and parking my butt in front of the t.v. after a long day at work.  Or a long drive thanks to the wonders of the 401 highway and all the random nothingness that can turn my hour-and-change commute into a 3 hour journey.  Or a day when my legs just feel like they weigh 1,000lbs thanks to my good old MS.  There are always going to be things that are going to get in the way and make achieving my goals anything but easy.  Butt I always have the choice.  Thanks to the inspiring message found on a fellow bloggers site (thank you!) I will keep reminding myself that although it will rarely be easy, it’s really not that hard.  🙂

Yesterday, after a long day at work (and for my girl a very stressful one!) we toughed out the urge to curl up on the couch and hit the gym.  My legs were having a “heavy” day, so my treadmill effort was a 10 minute run and a 10 minute walk at an incline of 12 and speed of 4.0mph (without holding on).  Let me tell you – my heart rate was higher during the walking portion than during my run!  I just kept hearing the trainers from The Biggest Loser yelling at the contestants “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY TREADMILL!!!”  Haha… that helped me keep from wanting to hold on while scaling my steep incline “mountain”.  After the treadmill, we put in a 30 minute lower body workout with 3 sets of:

bench step-ups w/ 2x10lb dumbbells, 12 per leg

pendulum lunges (lunge front/lunge back) w/ 2x10lb dumbbells, 12 per leg

sumo squats w/ 25lb dumbbell, 20

single-leg dead lift w/ 30lb barbell, 12 per leg

Although it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t impossible. :-p  AND… I felt great afterwards.  Food was skimped on a bit more than I would like.  With meeting at the gym for 6:00, (which turned into 6:15 is thanks to traffic) I didn’t really have an opportunity for dinner.  Made a quick light protein shake when we got home with a scoop of protein powder, half a banana and some water.  It did the trick!  Today I have the closing shift at work… will make sure to plan meals so I don’t starve :-p  Loving the Primal diet, but there certainly isn’t an option to “just grab something quick”

mmmm… food…

Thanks to the wonders of google, I’ve discovered many recipes that fit perfectly into the Primal/Paleo life…  Where I used to enjoy my morning bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and flax seed, I’ve now replaced it with a delicious sweet potato mashed with cinnamon, flax seed and a few raisins.  Tastes and smells like warm pumpkin pie! 


Gotta add a kick-ass pizza recipe I borrowed from which was incredibly awesome….

AND – I’m now up to 4 chin ups consecutively 🙂  To the gym tonight with my chick for a homemade  lower body type workout.  May post details later.  Also may post pizza pic which I was less than successful getting up so far…

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