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back in the game?

It’s been so long, I don’t even really know where to start!  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the direction I would like my blog to take.  I think it’s coming time I should split things up…  so, I’m going to continue this rant about fitness and nutrition, but create an additional blog that focusses more on MS.  I’m sure they will make guest appearances within each other at times, but we’ll just have to see I guess!

My life has been a bit of a shit storm the last little while… last weekend was the Henry’s Expo in Mississauga, which is always great fun, but WICKED hours.  After working 50 hours in 4 days, I was pretty run down by the time Monday rolled in.  Last week was a total write-off in terms of crossfit, in less I can count the heavy lifting I did at the show, as well as the 12.5kms I walked on Saturday alone!  Yes, I’m that much of a nerd that I wore a pedometer just for fun.  :p 

On the topic of crossfit, last Tuesday I made an appointment to do a trial session at the crossfit gym in Waterloo.  Humbled yet again.  The 10 minute workout the trainer put me through was not to the performance level I thought I was at.  We focused on proper form when doing squats, push-ups and pull-ups… I now understand the reasoning behind pull-ups instead of chin-ups.  He filled me in after the workout that pull-ups let you use more muscle groups than just your biceps… my arms were TOAST.  I want to go back… I think… but not before I work on some stuff by myself a bit :-S

Nutrition has been spot-on 🙂  I took my own lunches and snacks to the Expo so that I could eat well, while all the others stuffed their faces with candy, pizza and chocolate.  Small indulgence came when I snuck a few cashew clusters… but I really didn’t feel all that guilty, all things considered…

random chaos

Set-up day at the Henry’s Exposure Photographic show is finally coming to a close after 13 hours… Yawn… And today is just the beginning! For the next 3 days the International Centre will be my home. It’s wicked fun and completely exhausting at the same time. By next tues I should have recovered somewhat and will try to brain wave a more interesting post… And maybe share a bit of what has been behind my posting drought lately 😮


Amazing how days “off” from work can be the busiest day of the week…  generally speaking, I need a day back at work to recover after a day off!  haha!  Yesterday was one of those days…  I went to the gym in the morning for my crossfit workout:

7 rounds of 3 reps clean and press, 55lb bar

During which I whacked my knee on the way up, leaving a nice scrape.  Not so clean I guess!  :p  Spent some time cooking like a mad woman, a common thing on days off to prep for the work days, but realized once I was done that we only had 2 more work days left this week…  I could feed a small city.  Anyone hungry?  lol

Jumped on the spin bike for a 20 minute ride as a warm-up for hockey… I played like absolute trash, but still ran my BUTT off.  Took a hard shot off the ankle and another right off the collarbone!  😐  I don’t recommend it.  Ball hockey players wear minimal in terms of protective gear, and the hard orange ball stings like a b****.

I feel like a senior citizen today!  Everything hurts :p  Productive day though… back at work today and recovering 🙂  And as usual, I can’t wait till the next crossfit workout.  It’s an addiction, but a great one!

knowing, and the battle

The old saying is “knowing is half the battle”

but when it comes to food, sometimes “knowing” IS the battle.  Let me explain 😉  When I know this wonderful awesomeness is waiting for me just upstairs in the lunchroom fridge, the battle to NOT go for lunch as soon as I get to work presents itself!

thank you again!  Every recipe has been incredible.  I caved yesterday and made a batch of sweet potato brownies.  I won’t be making those too often!  Was tempted to eat the whole pan!



So… a my new daily goal (ya you know, the 20 push-ups every time I go up to the luchroom) is bittersweet :p  I’ve already done 80 push-ups today (yes they are starting to get more challenging) but now after I just finished eating my lunch, all I want to do is go up to fill up my green tea but I’m avoiding it cause I know that means 20 more push-ups!  Hahaha…  I’m a loser.

day dreaming

First I think I need to share an apology… my blog has been nothing short of bone dry for the last week or so and I don’t even really have a reason for it.  Life has just been getting in the way of “me”…

My district manager came into my store yesterday, as he often does, just to chat really.  I’m very lucky in that regard, cause we have always had a very good relationship and have worked really well together from the start.  Yesterday, he brought up a very interesting question…  “Where would you like to be if you weren’t here?”  Hmmm…  certainly one of those questions that requires a bit of time for processing.  Well, time to think is something I just happen to have an abundance of!  So on my drive to work this morning, the question bounced around in my head (doing it’s best to avoid all the other crap and random cobwebs).  The problem that always comes into play is $$$.  IF the $$$ were better, or if $$$ was not a concern, my dream job would have to involve fitness and nutrition.  I would love to be a personal trainer.  I would love to help people set and achieve goals to help improve their quality of life through both sweat, tears and food. 

Maybe that’s what gets me so excited about writing this public rant.  The thought is always in the back of my mind that if I can help one person, I will feel like I’ve succeeded.  I get all excited when I’m able to help people, but sometimes I need to remind myself that less is more.  Case and point, my poor girl gets dragged along for the ride sometimes.  When I try too hard to “help out” and don’t let her learn and grow from the experience, I’m not really helping out after all…

My new goal of the week – 100 push-ups a day @ work.  My store has a lunchroom on the second floor, so every time I head up to grab something from the fridge, I have to do 20 push-ups.  I will either end up reaching my goal, or stop going upstairs!  I figure this goal can only help with my crossfit aspirations as well  :p  So far today… I’ve done 40… 🙂

weekend rant

Although I’ve had a few shining moments this week, for the most part it’s been a fitness-related FAIL.  When my regular “routine” days off are modified, it all seems to go to hell in a hand basket. :p  I did manage to get a few good worksouts in though, and of course ran my a** off at hockey, as usual.  Other than my little dried fruit and nuts mess up the other day, my nutritional element was very good.  I’ve totally discovered the awesomeness of avocado this week.  A grilled turkey burger on a crisp cabbage leaf, topped with a slice or two of avo is pretty incredible… and talk about easy!

Why is it we seem to feel ya need to be on vacation and far from home to experince the “touristy” elements of a city?  I’ve lived in the Toronto area my whole life and I’ve NEVER even been in the C.N. Tower…  Yesterday, Ange and I hit the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and the new Loblaws in the old Maple Leaf Gardens.  Both were pretty cool!  I’ve been to the Market before, but not since I was quite young.  It’s considered to be a huge Toronto attraction, and didn’t disappoint.  Only down side, I was so caught up enjoying all the sights, sounds, and smells that my camera stayed in my bag the whole time.  World’s worst photographer?  I may have earned a nomination just for not showing up!  Totally want to go back when more fruits and veggies are in season here, and to take some photos!

lesson learned

Yesterday was not my most disciplined of days.  The lunch selection I packed for my work day was apparently less than adequate, and by the time I was ready to head home after my shift, I was dizzy and spaced out from hunger.  So, I kinda cheated.  😦  Stopped on my way home at the trusty neighborhood Walmart and bought a bag of trail mix… it seemed like a good solution at the time.  No peanuts or anything, just dried berries, walnuts, almonds, and cashews, but I think the problem came when I scarfed back a few handfuls of the stuff.  :-S  Arg.

The only good that came from this little experience was the realization that I won’t do it again.  I had a wicked headache after and just generally felt like garbage.  Note to self… non-Paleo is not worth it. :-p 

Thankfully it wore off cause last night was hockey night and we played an AWESOME game!


I have a question which I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out with.  To any fellow Paleo friends, am I doing something wrong?  The last two days I have been ravenous at times!  I’m pretty good at bringing a balanced lunch, but at times it just doesn’t seem to be enough…  Anyone have any insight they can share?  I’m not a big “dude” either…

humbled again

After my success a few days ago with the whole “8 chin-ups in a row”, I was pumped to give Chelsea another go.  “Cocky” is one thing I most certainly am not, but I went into my workout yesterday with more confidence than was really merrited.  Yup.  She kicked my ass once again.  Not sure how I expected anything different really… :-p

I did improve though, and I’ll celebrate that as another little victory.  Still made it to 10 rounds of the hellish torture, however, last time I took a 60 sec rest between set 5 and 6, which I eliminated this time.  Also, last time I dropped to my knees for some good-old-fashioned “girl” push-ups starting in set 3.  This time… I maintained perfect push-up form until round 9.

Still not done with you Chelsea…  your twisted lure of pain, suffering, and yet pure, adrenaline pumping enjoyment is not something I can resist…

wanting to give a few of your “friends” a try too… maybe Fran or Barbara will be next…

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