one day it'll all make sense.

I’m a huge coffee lover… but the caffeine has never really had an effect on me.  I used to love winding down at night after a long day, curled up on my couch with my chick, my cat (provided he’s not being a BRAT), and a good cup of coffee…  Lately, this favourite pastime has kept me up all night!  Not cool.  So I did it.  I went and bought some decaf coffee.  😮  It was pointed out at a recent family get together –

“It’s like dancing with your sister…”

So, the pt.2 of my last post is coming… but those are the kinds that involve a lot of thinking.  Sometimes I’m just not feelin’ it!  I’ve got all kinds of fun random crap bouncing around in my head, but a little voice keeps telling me “you should write pt.2 first!”  Today, I decided F IT!  So here comes a shit storm of randomness…

After reading a few people talking about “Chelsea”, which is one of the Crossfit Benchmark workouts, I thought… hey why not??  Sunday seemed like as good a day as any considering I was off from full-time job, wasn’t playing hockey as usual cause I was at the part-time gig Sunday night helping Ange’s store count their shit.  If you’re not a Crossfitter, let me explain.  The Benchmark workouts are named after females (not sure why??) and are maybe meant to humble the most in shape people??  Chelsea is meant to be a 30 minute workout where you complete 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats every minute, on the minute.  Sounds not so bad, right?  HOLY HELL!!  I do consider myself to be in pretty good shape, or at least I did…  I lasted 10 minutes!  This stuff is INSANE.  Side note – if I hadn’t been by myself, I may have used my competitive side to tough it out a bit longer, but I didn’t.  The last few rounds of push-ups I felt as though my right arm was going to buckle at any moment and didn’t want to have to explain the black eye or broken nose which would come from landing face first on the gym floor.  :-p  I left the gym with a bit of a squashed ego… but after thinking about things a bit, I realized that I couldn’t really be upset with my first attempt since 10 rounds does still mean I made it through 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups and 150 squats.  AND sweated like a PIG!!  You may have won for now Chelsea, but I’m not done with you.  😉

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I think I have a problem…  Since first starting the whole Paleo/Primal thing (yes, I still haven’t picked one.  Deal with it.) I’m addicted to cooking!  I spend a crazy amount of time in my tiny apartment kitchen…  Things have worked well the last few weeks with fitting my addiction into my every day life since Ange has been crazy busy at work putting in 100’s of hours a week and providing me with all the time in the world to “feed” my addiction…  But that’s about to change I hope and I don’t want my girlfriend to think I’m cheating on her with my new habit!  :-p  What can I say?  There are just so many incredible recipes I want to try… deserves all the credit.  Her recipes are incredible!!  Only down side… there are a lot of recipes in the Paleo world that use cauliflower as a substitute for rice.  Tastes wonderful, but I’m told by my staff that it kinda makes the whole store smell like “stale farts” :p  Oops!  Hahaha!  To make matters worse, cauli was on sale this week for like .87¢ add I may have bought a ton of it!

Building on that topic…  after standing by me through my 30 day challenge and seeing the physical changes, as well as hearing me rant about the amazing boost in energy and improved brain power, Ange is doing her own attempt.  I just hope it can make her feel better, as it has done for me…  She has certainly seemed to enjoy all the new items on our “menu” over the last month…  I like to cook.  That’s no secret.  I have always enjoyed preparing food and planning meals.  But before, our lunches consisted of:

a granola bar, a protein bar, a piece of fruit (usually apple or plum), a whole wheat wrap w/chicken breast, spinach, pepper and humus

Every day, pretty much the same thing.  Plus a regular breakfast of 1/3 cup plain oatmeal w/2tbsp flax-seed, a scoop of protein powder, and some frozen berries.  Pretty healthy, right?  It was with this “diet”, teamed up with a gazillion hours busting my butt at the gym, that I managed to shed the weight I had been looking to drop back in 2009.  SO, in my mind, I was terrified to change it!  I’ve been 170lbs.  At 5’4″, that’s pretty heavy… I don’t ever want to go there again!  When I started reading into this new idea, I figured “It’s 30 days.  Can’t hurt, right?”  My goal was never to lose weight, my goal was, and still is, to find the balance my body needs to perform at its best.

Sorry, back on track…  got rambling.  I do that :-p  So… new, more exciting meals, yes!  I’ll give you an example, cause every day is different.  No more boring same-old routine.  Only exception there is breakfast cause until I get “bored”, I LOVE the sweet potato mash w/cinnamon, raisins and flax-seed.  New lunch example:

scrambled egg whites topped with grilled mushroom, pepper and zucchini, berries, handful of nuts, coconut cashew chicken w/steamed cauliflower rice, spinach salad w/ peppers, cucumber and avocado

mmm…  damn it, now I’m thinking about food again…


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