one day it'll all make sense.


Amazing how days “off” from work can be the busiest day of the week…  generally speaking, I need a day back at work to recover after a day off!  haha!  Yesterday was one of those days…  I went to the gym in the morning for my crossfit workout:

7 rounds of 3 reps clean and press, 55lb bar

During which I whacked my knee on the way up, leaving a nice scrape.  Not so clean I guess!  :p  Spent some time cooking like a mad woman, a common thing on days off to prep for the work days, but realized once I was done that we only had 2 more work days left this week…  I could feed a small city.  Anyone hungry?  lol

Jumped on the spin bike for a 20 minute ride as a warm-up for hockey… I played like absolute trash, but still ran my BUTT off.  Took a hard shot off the ankle and another right off the collarbone!  😐  I don’t recommend it.  Ball hockey players wear minimal in terms of protective gear, and the hard orange ball stings like a b****.

I feel like a senior citizen today!  Everything hurts :p  Productive day though… back at work today and recovering 🙂  And as usual, I can’t wait till the next crossfit workout.  It’s an addiction, but a great one!


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