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lesson learned

Yesterday was not my most disciplined of days.  The lunch selection I packed for my work day was apparently less than adequate, and by the time I was ready to head home after my shift, I was dizzy and spaced out from hunger.  So, I kinda cheated.  😦  Stopped on my way home at the trusty neighborhood Walmart and bought a bag of trail mix… it seemed like a good solution at the time.  No peanuts or anything, just dried berries, walnuts, almonds, and cashews, but I think the problem came when I scarfed back a few handfuls of the stuff.  :-S  Arg.

The only good that came from this little experience was the realization that I won’t do it again.  I had a wicked headache after and just generally felt like garbage.  Note to self… non-Paleo is not worth it. :-p 

Thankfully it wore off cause last night was hockey night and we played an AWESOME game!


I have a question which I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out with.  To any fellow Paleo friends, am I doing something wrong?  The last two days I have been ravenous at times!  I’m pretty good at bringing a balanced lunch, but at times it just doesn’t seem to be enough…  Anyone have any insight they can share?  I’m not a big “dude” either…

humbled again

After my success a few days ago with the whole “8 chin-ups in a row”, I was pumped to give Chelsea another go.  “Cocky” is one thing I most certainly am not, but I went into my workout yesterday with more confidence than was really merrited.  Yup.  She kicked my ass once again.  Not sure how I expected anything different really… :-p

I did improve though, and I’ll celebrate that as another little victory.  Still made it to 10 rounds of the hellish torture, however, last time I took a 60 sec rest between set 5 and 6, which I eliminated this time.  Also, last time I dropped to my knees for some good-old-fashioned “girl” push-ups starting in set 3.  This time… I maintained perfect push-up form until round 9.

Still not done with you Chelsea…  your twisted lure of pain, suffering, and yet pure, adrenaline pumping enjoyment is not something I can resist…

wanting to give a few of your “friends” a try too… maybe Fran or Barbara will be next…

another victory

My regular schedule is all screwy this week and I’m confused already!  I regularly have Thursday and Sunday off, but I had to take yesterday off to pick my mom up from the airport and I have Saturday off to check out the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto with Ange.  Super-excited to check the market though!  Keep telling people today is Monday…

Anyways, yesterday being my day off, I decided to try to better my previous “score” on the PEM workout I did last week.  Ange even joined in 🙂  Clearly I was overcome by some miscellaneous super-human strength!  It was wicked :p  Just to refresh, the workout consists of 2 rounds of push-ups, squats, pull-ups and plank all performed to failure.  Here’s my results:

Push-ups – 35 (round 1) 30 (round 2)

Squats – 101 (round 1) 97 (round 2)

Pull-ups – 8 CONSECUTIVE!!!+4=12 (round 1)  5,2,1,1,1=10 (round 2)

Plank – 225 sec (round 1) 195 sec (round 2)

WOOT!!!!  The 8 consecutive pull-ups was HUGE for me!  😀  Excuse me while I celebrate for a minute…


A run by the lake…

It’s a gorgeous day today in Toronto 🙂  Ange and I did the 5km route at the Toronto Marathon a few hours ago, with solid times.  It was Ange’s first 5km “race”, and only my second.  It wasn’t even about running like I stole something…  I was just happy to spend time by the water,with my girl.  Especially after the crazy long work weeks she has had over the last month leading up to inventory.

Came home dammmn hungry after the run and scarfed down a huge salad and some walnuts.  Then stared in the fridge for a few minutes looking for something else to fill the void…  Decided to work on a post instead though.  Have to head out again for hockey soon, so I can look forward to a protein shake in my near future…  My girlfriend really is a wonder of science.  I don’t know how she does it all!  After the work craziness, she played 3 games in a tournament (which is said to have been a rough one!), then gets up today to run around with me, then we’re heading out for yet another game of hockey.  Insanity.  (but totally awesome)

Being a one of those crazy people who are the most productive first thing in the morning… I got up early today, and COOKED.  :-p  That’s really not at all shocking.  I made some turkey breakfast “sausage” patties, baked some sweet potatoes, and tried out a new recipe I came across a few days ago for some home-made Larabars and whipped it all together this morning before the run.  **Of note… anyone who has never used “Medjool” dates… they do NOT come pitted!  My poor food processor was not happy to be a part of this discovery.  Anyways, the bars are delicious.  Try for yourself:

Toss 1 cup of natural almonds and 1/2 cup roasted (not salted) cashews in the food processor.  Chop them up, but don’t go too crazy, some chunks is good too.  Put nuts in a bowl.  Now put 20 Medjool dates in food processor with 1tsp pumpkin pie spice and process until dates form into a gooey ball.  Add to bowl and mix it all together.  Place your ball of dates and nuts on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap, and roll into a sheet about 1/2″ thick.  Cut into bars and ENJOY 🙂


run through

So clearly the “planning” stage is where my efforts are needed right now.  As I mentioned, I’ve gotten all caught up in the Paleo diet cooking side of things, and dropped the ball the last week on the Primal Blueprint (which will now be referred to as PB cause I’m lazy) importance of balance and including exercise into the routine as well.  It’s a blessing and a curse really, I’m the kind of person who commits to something 100% when I decide it’s worth while.  The problem can present itself in the early stages though when I lose sight of everything else that’s super important as well.  One thing I’ve tried hard not to let slip (post-inventory mayhem) has been my girl… I’ve been getting her involved in my cooking addiction and we’ve had some fun with it 🙂  So, last week I felt like I was cheating on my chick with my kitchen and, and this week I’ve been cheating on the gym!!  I will figure it all out at some point though, I promise!  :-p

Part of the reason I’ve been accepting of my lack of complete butt kicking workouts this week has been the Goodlife 5km run Ange and I are doing tomorrow.  It’s only my second time doing any sort of “race” thing, and Ange’s first 🙂  Should be fun I hope!  I’ve allowed myself to slip back into the “chronic cardio” routine for the last week, which is anti-PB, but I’m over it.  Today I’m going back to the drawing board.  I’m going to make a plan of food I can cook, hopefully tomorrow, to freeze for lunches and dinners for the week ahead.  I’m going to plan out my workout days too so I can get back to kicking my butt (totally a favourite activity, cause I’m just sick and twisted like that).  AND I’m going to figure out what goal to set for myself for the month of May.  April was a success with my goal to complete 5 chin-ups consecutively… actually made it to 6 (that’s right ;-)). 

Another thing I hope to improve soon is this boring, picture less rant I’ve been on lately.  I’m a photographer and work in a camera store, yet rarely post any pics!  FAIL.  Everything’s better with images…  It’s amazing though, when you become a photographer, suddenly you are less inclined to take a snap shot… everything feels like it has to be a masterpiece.

not a complete wash

My intention had been to ramble a bit yesterday, but then the day just sort of slipped away…  It’s amazing how days off seem to do that!  Not sure why, but I had a bit of a “blah” day too :-p  My days off are traditionally my days that I like to really kick it HARD at the gym, but now that we’ve transitioned into our summer sports seasons, I have to remind myself that Thurs and Sun nights I need to make sure there’s enough gas left in the tank to run my a** off at hockey.  I had been planning my revenge all week on my dear friend Chelsea, but decided that would sadly have to wait for another day…  Seeing as I ran on Wed, and have my 5km “race” on Sun, I finally decided it was still a good day for a bt of strength training.  The Primal Blueprint has a Primal Essential Movements workout (PEM) which is designed to give you an idea of where you are in terms of the basics of fitness.It includes 2 rounds of each of the 4 exercises: Push-ups, squats, pull-ups, plank, to failure.  Sure.  Why not?  My results were (1st set/2nd set):

push-ups – 30/26    squats – 100/96   pull-ups – 10/10 (not all consecutive :()   plank – 195sec/150sec

Not too shabby I suppose….  above average for all at least 🙂  Pull-ups are definitely my weakest link though, wheresas when it comes to squats, I could go forever if I didn’t get bored! 

I also had all these grand intentions to cook a whole heap of awesome Paleo meals for lunches and dinners and stuff, but after spending too much time in the kitchen without being able to make a decision about anything really, I scraped that idea for the time being.  Went to visit Ange instead 🙂  (much more enjoyable anyway)

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