one day it'll all make sense.

Wing it

Day 2 of our stay-in-t.o. vacation. The weather network called for a day of rain (after the sticky hot humid nasty of yesterday, bring it!) but it’s actually getting pretty nice out again. Man… To be a weather man… a world where being totally wrong has no consequence…
Anyways, while there is a list of housework to get done today, there will also be a good old-fashioned butt kick, tennis style. For fear of my ruthless demise, I’m not going to make any mention of just who will hand out the butt kicking though. 😉 All in good fun regardless. I’ve done some digging through my massive photo library and found a few pics to support my last message about my battles with the demons surrounding body image and weight loss. I’m hoping to get that posted later today too.
Stay at home vacations are wonderful sometimes… Our lives are so consumed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that sometimes it’s just nice to “wing it”. Generally speaking, I’m sooooooo not good at that! I manage to cram as many things into my life through structure and tight scheduling of my time. Especially with adopting the Paleo lifestyle, I’ve learned to make the adjustment of getting up every day at 5:30am to prepare food for the day. Even now, when I don’t have to head off on my hike to Waterloo for work, my mind still springs to life at that time. It’s only a week… Not like I’m retired (I wish!!) so I figure “why change it?”. I’d just pay the price on Monday…
Wow. I’m boring. I’ll come up with something crazier for next post.
Oh! Something cool… I’m super excited!! Ange and I have one of those chin up bars that you can hang up in a door frame. Two problems with that.
1- the only door in our apartment that it fits is attached to our obviously over-filled sports closet.
2- we have a cat. A curious cat. So every time you open the door to the sports closet, he wants to investigate. After an unfortunate incident a few years ago featuring cat vs. exercise ball, no further investigation is allowed. You try hanging from the bar trying to crush trough your reps while also trying to deflect a cat. Not pretty.
Sorry, detour there…. I’m SO excited cause we found a wall mounted chin-up bar! Take that cat!! Be putting that up today 🙂
Don’t you worry crossfit… Chelsea and I will meet again soon


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