one day it'll all make sense.

laughing at myself :-p

That’s right, I’m still talking about the stupid chin-up bar. Although yesterday Ange and I felt like the stupid ones :p. First off… Here’s the completely sketch old system we had rigged up. apartment walls just aren’t that thick. Neither are the door frames. Hence, notice the blocks of wood tucked under the damn thing to stop it from letting go of the broken old hockey stick screwed into the wall on the outside of the door. All it needs is a few scraps of duct tape and it could be an excerpt from the Red Green Show… The real challenge came in taking the stupid thing down when ya want to put it away. I just don’t have 3 hands to hold the bar and both wood blocks at the same time. The gash on my left leg explains what happens when ya do it wrong…

That’s got nothing really to do with the feeling stupid though. So, Monday I was all excited with the new purchased toy. Brought home the little flat box (about 24″x24″x2″) with a huge smile on my face thinking “hell ya! This is the greatest thing ever!” Yesterday I even managed to convince Ange to help me put that shit up. Um… Ya. I’m laughing just thinking about the two of us staring at the box, and the bits, and the instructions, with puzzled looks on our faces. I’m not sure how I figured they had managed to put the BAR in this little box?! Answer: they didn’t. So, last night included another trip to Fitness Source to get the somewhat crucial element of my new toy. Needless to say, the thing is still not up. :p. Maybe today 🙂
Oh! And tennis was great fun! Even though it was insanely hot and humid yesterday. Sitting on the balcony this morning with a coffee and my chick, all bundled up in sweat pants and a hoodie… Oh, welcome to Canada… 😉


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