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finding myself – pt.1

Ok, this one’s a long time overdue, but I needed to have some time to put it all together.  Stress levels really do play a huge part in health and wellbeing for me.  I’m know I’m not alone there!  I put on a “cool as a cucumber” act pretty well though, even when I’m really a disaster in my head.  I work in retail.  I think otherwise I’d burst into flames or something.  Ok, here we go.  I can’t believe I’m going to post some of these pictures, but what’s in the past is history, right?  Maybe it’ll be helpful for someone…  at least that’s what I tell myself 🙂

In 2006, I was transferred away from my cozy Waterloo camera store, to a busier one an hour away.  I moved in with my friend (later girlfriend, funny how that happens…) in a small little town an hour from work.  This was the start of my life as a commuter.  My health and wellness paid the price.  MS is not so forgiving of neglect and I was so run down I was hit with a pretty solid relapse that left me unable to use my right arm.

mountain bike racing through 2006 @ 170+lbs

Went to work for a week with a saline lock taped in my hand, but the game face never changed.  The change came in my weight though!  Every day, I kept driving right on past that gym of mine.  The membership card burning a hole in my wallet 😮 When I stepped on the scale one morning and read 173lbs, I was done with it.  I made the commitment to myself to make a change.  I stopped driving by the gym every day and actually went once or twice a week.  I asked for a pair of inlines for my birthday and started skating around our block for half an hour in the evenings.  I even eased up on the beer consumption.  Oh!  I also stopped the late night snacking on whatever culinary work of art created by one of my roommates.  I was done with it.  My girlfriend and I had a crazy idea to put a team together to enter a 24 hour mountain bike relay in August.  It was insane!  Awesome, but insane.  Of the 4 laps I managed of the 20km track, I’m pretty sure I remember flying over my handle bars once or twice on every lap.  Battered and bruised, but it was such an accomplishment at the time.  🙂

vacationing in 2009 @ 150ish lbs

vacationing in 2009 @ 150ish lbs

The first half of 2007 was bad news.  Although I was happy that I finally got the promotion I had been working so hard for, I was not a happy kid in my home life.  Then in June, my girlfriend at the time dumped me for someone else.  Great.  My heart was shattered for a little while, but there were better things on the horizon.  Cue Ange.  My “highschool” crush was back in the picture.  Finally, we were meant to be, and provided the healing support each of our recently scared hearts needed.  I was on cloud nine 🙂  With happiness back in my life, my success at losing weight improved even more. 


 to be continued…


Comments on: "finding myself – pt.1" (1)

  1. Looking forward to part 2 🙂 And you look good on both pics!
    Commutes are a killer aren’t they?

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