one day it'll all make sense.

finding myself pt. 2

First off, I need to correct a few dates I wrote in my previous post.  The Cuba vacay was in 2008, not 2009.  In 2009 my laptop had a meltdown and I lost a bunch of my pics.  So there will be a bit of a photo timeline “gap”.  I did still exist :p I just have no pictures to prove it…

In 2008 and 2009 Ange and I tried a loooong list of the fitness “quick fix” trends.  Ya know, the ones you see infomercials about if you stay up too late watching tv.  P90x was fun, and a good challenge.  I still throw in the Ab Ripper X DVD from time to time when I want to get a good little core work and I’m tight for time.  Insanity was awesome fun, and helped improve my speed and agility for ball hockey in the first month of the program.  Problem I found with this one, I spent all my time focusing on the one routine and completely dropped my weight training sessions.  Also, the second month I actually found to be counter-productive for hockey performance.  Just my opinion though… 

February 2010 I FINALLY got the position I had been working so hard for at work.  Promoted to from assistant to store manager, albeit in on the bottom of the location food chain. 

This was also the year Ange and I decided to skip our usually post-Christmas Caribbean vacay, and the year I enlisted myself for an amazing butt-kickin’ by a fantastic trainer.  Finally, I really started to see the results I had been wanting for so long!  Similar to the concepts expressed by the Primal Blueprint theories, my PT taught me to “lift heavy things”.  She also taught me the importance of balance between nutritional consideration, strength training and cardio.  A line I used the first day we met: “I’m a cardio junkie!” and I was!  Pre-PT, I had been one of the girls who could be seen spending copious amounts of time sweating it out on the treadmill or elliptical and minimal time doing any sort of strength training.  While I wanted to slim down, I didn’t want to “bulk up” too much.  What a common misconception among the female population!  Muscle helps burn fat/calories.  Duh.  :p 

Don’t want to bore anyone too much all at once… so for today “that’s all folks!”  I’m already getting tired of reliving my past.  So next post will bring things up to the present 🙂

summer 2010, post-6 months personal training


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