one day it'll all make sense.

Buckle up…

Buckle up… today is going to be a wild ride…

TAKE THAT CHELSEA!  🙂  Wednesday morning crossfit has become a regular thing the last few weeks and today I killed that sh*t!  Last week, I hit a personal record by making it to 20 sets, but not able to keep them within the 60 second target.  My goal I set for this week was to make the 20 sets again, but this time fit them in the desired time.  So I jumped on the spin bike, ready to “give ‘er”.  I blew my goal out of the water.  🙂  Other than “resting” for a minute to grab my knee strap after set 12, I made it through the full 30 sets.  ALL within the 60 second mark too!  Summary:

Chelsea       5 pull-ups x 30 sets = 150     10 push-ups x 30 sets = 300      15 squats x 30 sets = 450

I’ve been walking around on cloud nine since.  Managed to make it through 10 sets of pull-ups un-assisted and lasted 18 rounds of push-ups before dropping to my knees.  For the remainder of my sets, I did first 5 push-ups normal and last 5 on my knees.  I think the level of unhappy my knees get from doing push-ups on them helps motivate me to tough it out through as many regular ones as possible.  :p  Holy crap did I ever work up a sweat though!  It’s been crazy-hot in Ontario the last little while and today is no exception.  The weather channel tells me today will be 40+ degrees celsius with the humidity, but I’m telling you it was waaaay hotter in my apartment this morning!  The joke has always been, you could go to hot yoga at the gym and have to pay for it, or you could come get the same effect in our apartment for free.  Yes, I do have a membership at an awesome gym, complete with a/c, but I’ve decided recently that I’d rather grunt my way through my Wednesday morning workouts in the “comfort” (HA!) of my own home with only Horton to contend with for use of the desired equipment…

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I have a dirty little secret that is becoming a problem.  Got your attention?  :p  I’m addicted to Tiny Tower!  Haha (lame!)  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a cheesy little game for the iPhone/iPod/iPad complete with the worst set of graphics available in the last 20 years.  But… It’s relaxing…  I find it calming to run people up to their floor in the elevator after a long day at work.  That is, until you get a pizza delivery for a P. Sherman (or whatever) and you find yourself scanning the floors, up and down, top to bottom, 3-5 times trying to find the jerk to give him his stupid pizza only to discover he’s HIDING behind another bitizen… 😐  arg!  LOL!!!  Then it becomes not quite the relaxation tool it was intended to be :p  I’m not crazy.  I swear.  I’m just playing with ya.  It is a fun little game though, but ridiculously addictive…


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