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I realized shortly after hitting “publish” on my last post that it may cost me any or all who read my crap but aren’t a part of the Paleo life.  Trust me, before starting this whole new life, bacon was the enemy.  Now, it’s just fuel.  Fat is what my body needs to keep up with all the crazy sh*t I put it through.  So leave me to my bacon… let’s just move on 😉

So, I decided this morning that it’s sometimes not a great idea to open up the emails I get to my phone when the wonderful Juli creates a new delicious masterpiece…  Who am I kidding, it’s always a good idea to open these emails… just maybe not first thing in the morning.  Today I found myself sitting at my desk, staring at pictures of Cinnamon Caramel Brownie Fruit Dip, when my stomach started growling.  No real reason, I had breakfast this morning and all.  Here’s a question I’ve always wondered about – WHY do we get “hungry days”?  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The days that you feel as though you could eat non-stop with no relief and come seemingly out of nowhere.  I LOVE food, but I HATE hungry days.  I need to stop thinking about food now.  Seriously.

After catching up on a little blog reading yesterday, I was inspired to create my own random rant and rave.

Let’s start with the rant part.  I totally appreciate the efforts we get now from grocery stores in providing a special section of natural, organic and gluten-free food, and restaurants in providing menu options for the health-conscious customers.  However, I don’t appreciate the level of punishment and torture my bank account goes through to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  No wonder North Americans are FAT!!  I would personally take healthy and broke over rich and killing myself any day.  I’d even grow my fruits and vegetables if I had the time and space.  Somehow, my apartment balcony doesn’t quite cut it for hilly-billy vegetable farming.  Hmm…

Enough of my complaining for now, I do have some great stuff to rave about too!  Yesterday morning Ange and I got up bright and early to get a run in before work.  It was awesome!  While I understand a lot of people just can’t bring themselves to bust out a sweat before the morning coffee, Ange generally being one of them, it really is a pretty awesome way to start the day.  I found myself energized and refreshed afterwards.  I plan on making this kinda thing a regular part of the work week.  🙂 

So moral of my rambling for the day… 

– avoid pics of delicious looking desserts before lunch

– accept the extra price we pay to live a healthy lifestyle (unless you have access to a field to grow your own stuff and keep your own chickens/cows/wild salmon?) and order the salad for $10 instead of the $1.69 cheese burger from the extra value menu

– give the morning workouts a try 🙂  might find it saves the need for that 3rd cup of coffee to get you rolling out the door to start the work day

Damn it.  I’m thinking about food again.   :-p


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