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Up for a challenge?

Yesterday was my 4 month Paleo anniversary 🙂  Just thinking about the changes I have made to adopt this lifestyle makes me proud, and sharing all I have learned along the way makes me happy.  If I can inspire one person to make the decission to improve their health, I have won!

Since the Paleo switch, I have cleaned up my diet a bunch and realligned my mentality about food.  I no longer OCD-style count every calorie and weigh every piece of food.  I have learned that when you are putting the right things into your body, there is less need to obsess.  I am still looking for a way to build muscle on top of my new, leaner frame, but I’m sure this is more of a exercise element than anything.  Summers a a tough time to fit in the heavy “lifting” sessions as I would like.  Back to my challenge.  Starting August 1st, interested in joining me in a clean-up-your-act Paleo style challenge?  I was thinking of starting small… just a week.  ANYONE can comit to a week.  The focus of the challenge will be eliminating sugars and sugar substitutes and limiting fruit servings to no more than 2 per day.  This means: no flavored water, no energy drinks, no gatorade, no sugar in coffee, no commercially prepared “bars” and no dried fruit.  The dried fruit will be the tough one for me, but it’s only a week right?  Since making the transition, I have become much cleaner in terms of what I put into my body but I still find myself craving sugars from time to time and I wonder if a week of detox will help.

Anyone interested?  Any suggestions?


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