one day it'll all make sense.

don’t shoot me…

bit ironic my subject is I suppose…  coming from a photographer 🙂  I actually made an “appointment” with a co-worker for a little fitnessy photo shoot coming soon.  Hoping to get some good pics to share showing my Paleo transformation.  He penciled me in to his day timer as “shoot Kate” haha…

I have to correct a mistake I made yesterday.  My fatasticly fuzzy brain did me wrong once again.  “BRING IT!” is actually the catch phrase for Tony Horton’s P90x workout system.  Also a great workout, but not geared towards the specific result I am looking to achieve.  Shawn T belts out “DIG DEEPER!!” as you sweat your way through the insanity of Insanity.  Even though I reeeeeally didn’t feel like today for whatever reason, I popped in day 2 – Cardio Power & Resistance and commit myself to the 40 minutes of craziness.  For anyone who hasn’t tried it, let me tell you… it’s awful and awesome all at the same time.  After the 10 minute warm-up (which for many newcomers I’m sure is horrifying as I have to admit the first time I tried “holy F*** that was only the WARM-UP?!?!” went through my head), there is  stretch session where (if we have something in common) you will leak sweat profusely for a few minutes before getting into the actual workout.  Then when you feel as though your heat could pound out of your chest and/or you may hurl at any moment, the glorious cool-down session brings another insanity level of sweating which really doesn’t seem to let up for 30ish minutes after you turn the awful/awesome thing off.  Once it’s all said and done, I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.  I’m just sick and twisted like that though.  :p 

Day one of my sugar detox.  I was rather peeved when I woke up thinking about dried cranberries and walnuts.  I told myself to get over it.  It’s a bit like quitting smoking…  but I’m telling myself it will get better.  And yes, I talk to myself sometimes.  Don’t even try to suggest you don’t.  😉


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