one day it'll all make sense.

lights, camera….

Tonight’s the night!  Big fitness shoot :S  I’m so nervous, it’s ridiculous.  After years and years of being a bit of a chunky-monkey, the thought of standing in front of the camera in a sports bra and booty shorts is terrifying.  Pathetic.  Busted my butt this morning to get all psyched about it this morning.  Jumped on my spin bike for 35 minutes and ripped it through a 22+ km ride.  Then I did a good upper body circuit and finished things off with a little P90x style Ab-ripping.  Good times 🙂  Holy hell did I ever sweat!  Side note, Ange and I are gearing up for the MS Bike Tour in a few days.  75kms of road riding through beautiful Niagara.  Only down side to that deal, it always pours rain.  This will be our 6th tour, and so far we are 5 for 5.  If only we could do the 75kms on spin bikes…  I got through nearly a third of the distance this morning in half an hour while the real thing generally takes close to 3!  Good chance to be around people with a similar goal though, and raise some $$$ to help find a cure for this sh*t. 

I need a way to fit more hours into the day…  I wish I had more time to explore and grow my Paleo menu rather than just sticking to the favourites.  Not that I’m complaining, I’m pretty sure I could eat the sweet potato breakfast

and spaghetti squash/chili combo every day without getting bored…  doesn’t fit into the thought that variety is the spice of life theory though.


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