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Wednesday rant

Was sooooo bored at work today… Spent my time catching up on office stuff, taking pictures of my food, and googling anything and everything I could think of. What did we do before google? Seriously? I can’t even begin to imagine my world today without it…

I need to rant for a moment. First of all, WHY do people feel the need to leave big-a** messages on my voice mail? I work in retail. I can’t think of any situation in which I would call up a store late at night and leave a voice mail??!! Maybe I’m the crazy one? Secondly… when people do feel this maybe is a great idea, which is very often apparently, I just LOVE when they leave a big long message and throw in a complete random rushed slurring together of all the digits in their phone number right at the end of the message, requiring me to listen to the whole damn thing over again. :-p. jeez…

Damn you late night ball hockey games… I get to the arena tired and ready for bed, but then after running my tail off for 50 minutes, I get home WIDE awake 😐 and after tonight’s game, completely covered in bruises. My knees look like the apples you find in the clearance area of the grocery store that have clearly be kicked around the store a few times after being dropped on the floor repeatedly. Good game though, and sadly most of the shots I got in the way of were from my own team.

Sleep, please find me soon… Work is early tomorrow…

where am I?


First off, take THAT Tim Horton’s and your smile cookie temptation!

Just inspired me to go in search of a Paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe.  There are hundreds, by the way…  but I settled on this recipe, thanks mostly to the title “The Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies“.  Yup, I’m that much of a sucker that proper branding and a cheesy advertising slogan and I’m sold.  This being said, these suckers are pretty awesome…  Speaking of food, all week I’ve been trying to get back on track with taking pics of the delicious stuff I’ve created, but every day I seem to remember this thought as I’m nearly finished eating.  At that point, it’s really too late :-p  Today has been another cooking catch-up day and while I’m pretty sure last time I promised myself I’d think twice before doing it again, I decided it would be a perfect day to make a batch of beet chips.  Why?!  You start with 12-15 plump little round gems, peel the suckers, slice the bastards, then spread them in the dehydrator for their 8 hours sitting over a coil that feels about as productive as a child’s Easy Bake Oven, only to remember why these damn things are so expensive to buy in stores.

Other than my kitchen adventures today, I also put in a nice little full-body workout this morning 🙂 I like working legs and glutes, butt (haha) get bored of that pretty quickly.  Not heavy enough weights maybe.  Also like working abs and core… especially when it burrrrns :-p  Pushed my shoulders till they were SCREAMING 😀  Pain is temporary…  and I’m just sick and twisted like that.  I’m feeling very photographic today…

photo credit: Dave Karaiskos @


I win! lol

Does anyone really like Monday’s?  I’ve never found any undying urge to hate any day of the week in particular, but lately I’m finding myself less of a fan of Monday’s.  The crappiest part is, I’m the only one to blame! :-p  I’m finding myself in a situation at work where I suddenly am hugely understaffed, so to compensate I’m pulling the open-to-close shift every Monday to help fill the gaps.  Have to say… it sucks.  haha.  Definitely gives me reason to press on with interviewing…

So, I’m getting very close to my Paleo life 6 month anniversary 🙂  The honeymoon phase has long since faded and I’m still completely happy and in love with it.  Then this happened:

Damn you Tim Horton’s smile cookie week!  😐  I’ve been so incredibly disciplined and haven’t even considered cheating on my new life once!  I’m still not, but this has been one of the few things I’ve looked forward to in the past every year as a fun little “treat”.  I don’t even like chocolate chip cookies, but these little bastards are only available once a year so I somehow became a fan.  urrrgggg!  Then to make matters worse, one of my sales associates brought in a whole box today.  So, instead of indulging and hating myself for days, I just took some pictures of these little pieces of pure evil.  haha.  I’m so lame. 

Plus, I dragged Ange out of her warm bed this morning to join me for a run.  Guess Monday isn’t all bad.  Love running, especially with my chick, and love myself for telling those dumb smiling cookies to stop looking at me.  Victory, my friends…

looong overdue

Today I am one happy kid 🙂  After a super-busy last couple of weeks, I was very much in need of a free day to kick my butt and cook like crazy!  Went for a good run in the morning, then grabbed the weights and ripped it through some chest presses and flyes, upright rows, reverse flyes and overhead presses with weighted walking lunges thrown in between the second set of each group over exercises.  Went with the 10-8-6-4-2 method for rep count.  Then added a modified Ab ripper batch at the end.  After it all, standing in my apartment and sweating like CRAZY, I felt GREAT!!  It’s been tough to get in the sweat sessions lately and it makes me not the nicest of persons…

Then, after a big grocery shop, I cooked like a machine 🙂  Another of my favourite feelings is opening my fridge and seeing LOTS of fresh veggies and MEAT  :p  I made meatballs, chili, breakfast sausage, a few burgers, spaghetti squash and a loaf of Paleo bread.  Tonight a whole chicken coop worth of breasts is waiting to cozy up on the bbq too.  That sounded so wrong…  Anyways, we’re set.  For the next few days anyway… and now when I’m home (ya right, when’s that??) and feeling like a little snack, I can grab a few meatballs or a slider.  hahaha  oh the simple things that make me happy…

Clearing hurdles

My job is getting in the way of being me lately and it’s frustrating at times. I’ve run into some staff complications and now find myself having to work more hours than intended… Ah
well… Welcome to life as a general manager :-p. Today Ange and I had planned to go for a run in the a.m. Before work, but when I found myself actually still asleep when the alarm went off (totally weird for me!) and Ange was struggling to get in gear too, we made a pact with each other to workout after work. Like, for real. No excuses.

After a long day at work, and a long commute for me, it can be soooooo hard to find the get up and go to get my sweat on. Today, I was committed. Go home a bit earlier than usual. Scribbled down my plan of attack. All I had left to do was wait for my chick to get home so I could get this show on the road. My plan of attack:
Warm-up: 100 jump rope skips
+ 30 second plank hold
+ 20 walking lunges w/weights
+ 5 overhead presses
+ sprint 6 car lengths, walk back
+ 20 bench step-ups
— repeat sequence as many sets as possible for 20 minutes

I was pumped to do is little session, and even more excited cause I love working out with a buddy sometimes. So where does the hurdle come in? Ange got home tired and really not feeling into one of my crazy schemes. I felt like an ass pushing her to come along with me, but we did it 🙂 and at the end of it all, it felt great! Hope I’m not mistaken, but I think we both enjoyed it. Oh ya… completed a total of 7 sets. Amazing how the sets get faster as you get going. Especially when you pair up a couple of competitive nuts. :p

hump day? over it.

I’m learning more and more, if you want something – ask for it!  Tim Horton’s has been a staple in my daily life for years.  Note – If you’re not familiar with the “gotta have tim’s” fever, insert whichever coffee venue you prefer.  Every day I truck on over to Tim’s to get my coffee, and up until about a year ago, Tim’s was my emergency breakfast provider as well.  Problem lies in the food options provided.  Bagel, biscuit, breakfast egg sandwich with processed “cheese-like” substance, muffin or donut.  So needless to say, this has been a non-option in my world for the last 5+ months.  Unless I was willing to spend the $2.50 for the sandwich and just eat the bacon and egg, which I hate to admit has happened a few times in utter desperation.  Being the Paleo on a budget type, I decided a few weeks ago to try to order just a side of bacon and a side egg.  This was a completely asinine request to the staff it seemed, but come on!  Why shouldn’t I be able to order bacon and eggs?  Anyways, I’m rambling…  two weeks ago I went into the Tim’s in Brampton hospital and after noting to the girl my order was going to seem strange, she punched a “new” button that sold me JUST an egg and bacon!  WOO-HOO!!!  Wow, small things make me happy!!  I was elated!  🙂  Moral of the story, to anyone trying to order the same in a Tim’s near you… You’re welcome!  🙂 hahaha

So, I’ve recently spent some time checking out the blogging scene through the “Paleo” category on the wordpress home page and I’ve come to a conclusion.  Paleo peeps really like taking pics of their food :p  I’m guilty of it allll the time!  Can’t tell you how often I make Ange pause before digging in to her dinner so I can take a few snap shots first.  Lame?  Naw…. just something it seems I’m not alone in my passion for.  I took a few snaps of my incredible lunch today which consisted of baked eggplant, sautéed red and yellow peppers, spinach and mushrooms with spicy italian sausage and a bit of tomato sauce.  Unfortunately, they made the masterpiece look more like the dogs breakfast, so I scraped the idea of posting those….  Totally delicious none the less!  Next time I will work on the presentation element so I can post away…

On the exercise front, morning runs will become a part of my daily routine again asap after hockey kicked my a** a bit last night.  Granted, we only had one sub and I felt like a magnet for getting in the way of shots all game, but unacceptable none the less.  Speed is my advantage…  Still enjoying the new discovery of the “knees to elbows” as well as another new conquest… the “L-sit”  Wicked hard, and I love it!

Set free

I finally did it! Not sure why it took me so long, cause it feels great 🙂 last night, I cleared ALL of the non-Paleo foods out of my cupboards and fridge!  Maybe I’ve left it so long cause I felt guilty throwing away food, but any of the unopened stuff I’m excited to donate to the food bank.  Guess if you have nothing, rice or a bowl of Cheerios will kill you slower than starvation!  😦  Anyways, this is huge for me…  I feel happier just walking into my kitchen now.  You should try it!

Off for a good old-fashioned  tennis butt kick with my chick soon…  Oh! I also found a random park apparatus that works quite well for one of my new favorite exercises… Knees to elbows.  Totally digging the full-body type stuff right now and WOW can I feel this one working a wide group of muscles.  Good times 🙂 Enjoy the day!


I’m baaaaack! 🙂 well, here’s hoping anyway… Life has been so jam packed with, well, life! Bear with me for a minute here… I really am in a great mood today, just have a few random pet peeves to air before getting into happy stuff…

1. Kitchener/Waterloo seems to have a growing obsession with roundabouts. WTF?! They are popping up all over the place. Very few of the people who live or work there seem to have any concept of how the damn things work! In a community with two universities and a major college, maybe this is something that should be a mandatory class?

2. WHY is it people in the greater Toronto area seem to feel it’s completely acceptable (if not mandatory) to pee on the seat in public toilets? Seriously people? Then some poor unsuspecting person who doesn’t realize this is clearly the “norm” these days would find themselves sitting on this? I mean, the opportunity to get in a squat session is not something I usually complain about, but this is disgusting and seems to me to show a total disregard for other people…

3. I’m pretty rock solid with my pledge to myself to carry on with my little Paleo existence. I mean, it’s been more than 5 months since I made the commitment to give this a “30 day test run”. It passed with flying colours in my books and I can’t think of one day I’ve considered returning to the old S.A.D. (standard American diet). I love food. I LOVE to cook. I’m always searching the web for new and interesting recipes to try out. Where my beef comes into it all… I find it sooooo frustrating when I get all pumped to make something only to determine that you can’t find that one important ingredient anywhere in Canada. arrrrg!!

Ok. Done ranting for the moment. Whew! Otherwise, this week has been an interesting one for me in all elements really. My dad is going through chemo right now, for anyone who didn’t know, which has reeked havoc on my mental capacity, but I’m dealing with that how I know best… Friday he moved into my mom’s house for a month until he can get himself into his new apartment. A bit weird, my parents split when I was 3 or 4 :-S I admire my mother a bit for having the level of compassion to welcome anyone in for a month after living alone for so long… Especially when that anyone is someone with so much history. Could be a rocky month though! At work I’m in the process of looking to hire one or maybe two sales associates. 3 interviews yesterday… Good times!! Anyone with camera/retail experience looking for a job in Kitchener/Waterloo?? Hahahaha…

A little while ago I bought the book Everyday Paleo which has a whole bunch of fun new recipes to try. While I’ve enjoyed the new culinary conquests, there’s a section in the book with some little workout routines which have been helpful in getting me out of my fitness drought. Just small workouts that I can do in a relatively small amount of time, especially when compared to my thought process that chained me to an hour+ at the gym 5-6 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not horribly out of shape, just trying to add some more full body workouts into my daily life to hopefully get to the point where I’m comfortable enough to set foot into the crossfit box in Milton that Ange Ange have discussed trying out. While I’ve followed my own little crossfit type regiment at home/gym for quite some time… The sense of community which everyone raves about that comes from working at a good crossfit box is exactly what I’m hoping to bring into my world! 🙂

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