one day it'll all make sense.

hump day? over it.

I’m learning more and more, if you want something – ask for it!  Tim Horton’s has been a staple in my daily life for years.  Note – If you’re not familiar with the “gotta have tim’s” fever, insert whichever coffee venue you prefer.  Every day I truck on over to Tim’s to get my coffee, and up until about a year ago, Tim’s was my emergency breakfast provider as well.  Problem lies in the food options provided.  Bagel, biscuit, breakfast egg sandwich with processed “cheese-like” substance, muffin or donut.  So needless to say, this has been a non-option in my world for the last 5+ months.  Unless I was willing to spend the $2.50 for the sandwich and just eat the bacon and egg, which I hate to admit has happened a few times in utter desperation.  Being the Paleo on a budget type, I decided a few weeks ago to try to order just a side of bacon and a side egg.  This was a completely asinine request to the staff it seemed, but come on!  Why shouldn’t I be able to order bacon and eggs?  Anyways, I’m rambling…  two weeks ago I went into the Tim’s in Brampton hospital and after noting to the girl my order was going to seem strange, she punched a “new” button that sold me JUST an egg and bacon!  WOO-HOO!!!  Wow, small things make me happy!!  I was elated!  🙂  Moral of the story, to anyone trying to order the same in a Tim’s near you… You’re welcome!  🙂 hahaha

So, I’ve recently spent some time checking out the blogging scene through the “Paleo” category on the wordpress home page and I’ve come to a conclusion.  Paleo peeps really like taking pics of their food :p  I’m guilty of it allll the time!  Can’t tell you how often I make Ange pause before digging in to her dinner so I can take a few snap shots first.  Lame?  Naw…. just something it seems I’m not alone in my passion for.  I took a few snaps of my incredible lunch today which consisted of baked eggplant, sautéed red and yellow peppers, spinach and mushrooms with spicy italian sausage and a bit of tomato sauce.  Unfortunately, they made the masterpiece look more like the dogs breakfast, so I scraped the idea of posting those….  Totally delicious none the less!  Next time I will work on the presentation element so I can post away…

On the exercise front, morning runs will become a part of my daily routine again asap after hockey kicked my a** a bit last night.  Granted, we only had one sub and I felt like a magnet for getting in the way of shots all game, but unacceptable none the less.  Speed is my advantage…  Still enjoying the new discovery of the “knees to elbows” as well as another new conquest… the “L-sit”  Wicked hard, and I love it!


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  1. Been there, done that! Years ago, when I laid off bread, I ordered a turkey sandwich minus the bun. The Tim’s cashier looked at me kinda strangely, so I agreed to accept the bread. (fed it to the birds) 🙂 I guess they’ve made it a bit easier to order! 😉

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