one day it'll all make sense.

Wednesday rant

Was sooooo bored at work today… Spent my time catching up on office stuff, taking pictures of my food, and googling anything and everything I could think of. What did we do before google? Seriously? I can’t even begin to imagine my world today without it…

I need to rant for a moment. First of all, WHY do people feel the need to leave big-a** messages on my voice mail? I work in retail. I can’t think of any situation in which I would call up a store late at night and leave a voice mail??!! Maybe I’m the crazy one? Secondly… when people do feel this maybe is a great idea, which is very often apparently, I just LOVE when they leave a big long message and throw in a complete random rushed slurring together of all the digits in their phone number right at the end of the message, requiring me to listen to the whole damn thing over again. :-p. jeez…

Damn you late night ball hockey games… I get to the arena tired and ready for bed, but then after running my tail off for 50 minutes, I get home WIDE awake 😐 and after tonight’s game, completely covered in bruises. My knees look like the apples you find in the clearance area of the grocery store that have clearly be kicked around the store a few times after being dropped on the floor repeatedly. Good game though, and sadly most of the shots I got in the way of were from my own team.

Sleep, please find me soon… Work is early tomorrow…


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