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Food makes me happy šŸ™‚ Exercise makes me happy šŸ™‚ So… That’s what I write about. My chick shared a comment with me that someone made, expressing their disgruntalment (my word. Go with it.) towards people who feel the need to take pictures of their food and share them. Pffft! Whatever. We all have the ability to un-friend at anytime. šŸ˜‰
Day off yesterday, so as per usual tradition, I kicked my butt and cooked. I also finally dragged my dad to Costco to get the “utensil” my kitchen has been badly lacking for a while now. The challenge now comes in finding a place to put this thing…

It made it in the front door. Then Horton decided it should be his new favourite nap spot.
Good full-body workout yesterday… squats, lunges, dead lifts till my legs were screaming at me… yet thoroughly enjoyed. Why is it soooo easy to reach the level of “0h F***YEAH!” with upper body, hammys and abs, but takes some serious dedication to get that with quads and glutes? Jeez :-p
So, I’m going to ramble about food for a bit. And post some pics. You were warned. Last week I made a batch of stuffed peppers that was a total fail. When I set them in the crockpot everything looked all good and happy, but when I went to take them out they were almost completely submerged. Apparently using rices cauliflower instead of rice produces a crap load of liquid… The whole batch ended up in the garbage… tear šŸ˜¦ The only good that came from it was the meatloaf I made with the extra pepper stuffing. It was pretty great, so much so that I made a whole batch yesterday and got 2 larger chicken meat loafs chillin in my fridge. I also pulled out the dehydrator again, but instead of the beet-fail, I sliced some bananas to make my own banana chips šŸ™‚ Nothing added like the “candied” version you can find in the grocery store but wicked tasty.

One thing I’m really bad about on my days off is making sure to EAT! This little piece of heaven was my afternoon munch yesterday… Grilled a mushroom for a moment, slapped a slider on top, then topped that with a little Dijon, tomato and a few pieces of lettuce. Awesome! And pickup able. One thing I’ve learned thru my Paleo experiences is to accept that most meals will require a fork and knife…

That’s an embarrassing photo. But I was hungry and didn’t really care to take another… appears I was on a bit of a mushroom kick yesterday cause dinner included portobello mushroom pizzas. Versatile, top any way you like, and way easier than my usual cauliflower crust variety!
Now to find a place for the new freezer so I can come up with new delicious creations to fill it with :-p Could be dangerous… I used to have to stop cooking once the fridge was full…


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