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my jeans don’t fit…

check out these gems!

check out these gems!

First, let me premise this blog by saying I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum, so I speak from experience.  If you are a female, it doesn’t matter whether you are a size 2 or 14 (see the pic… I found this old pair of shorts the other day while packing.  Those bad boys used to be tight on me! :-s)  Anyways, back to my rambling.  17 days ago I started this new 100 day challenge by which I set a goal of gaining some strength back and building muscle.  Even though I know how it all works, know that building muscle means the number on the scale increasing and the way clothes fit is expected to change…  I still think of these huge shorts and start to panic.  My trainer keeps trying to reassure me that it’s very different for things to feel tight as a result of muscle instead of fat, but I’m only human.  My training program includes 5 days per week of lifting heavy shit.  The sets include 90 seconds of rest between each and I’m NOT to get my heart rate up.  Basically, the premise is to allow all the calorie burning to come from muscle repair (I think).  I play ball hockey once per week, but I’m not allowed to do any other cardio, unless I plan to eat enough to compensate for the extra calories burned.  And I have to eat a LOT.  Ok.  As a girl who fought so hard for so many years to drop weight, this is a completely backwards way of thinking for me.  AND as a girl who loves going for a run, I feel a little caged at times.  This morning, I freaked a little.  I pulled on my jeans to head to the gym and was a little shocked by the tightness through the quads that I haven’t felt in years!  So what did I do?  I’m sure trainers deal with clients doing this sorta thing all the time… I went on a binge.  But when you hear that word, you probably assume I hide in my room and ate a bucket of ice cream…  noooo… I headed to the gym as intended, but spent a half an hour sweating it out on the treadmill :-s  It felt AWESOME!  A bit wrong… but still awesome.  It’s not as though I slacked off after and skipped my chest & triceps workout… did that too.  Now the battle of good vs. evil in my mind… do I confess my sins to my trainer?

n’omelet and a rant

Hit the gym on my way to work today for my Shoulders, traps and forearms workout.  As I’ve mentioned before, legs are my absolute favorite workout, but I would have to say shoulders are second.  I don’t know if it’s so much that I love actually working them, or that I love the way they look after a little hard work…  Today’s workout was a good one.  Managed to UP my weights for a few exercises again, actually grunted through my 4 sets of 10 reps front shoulder raise with a 17.5lb dumbbell.  That was a big deal for me 🙂  If you’re a tank, don’t look down on me.  😉  Crushed my routine today with a little extra time left, so I tossed in 2 sets of chest dips just for “fun”.  One day I will master that garbage.  I left pretty satisfied with my 2 sets of 4 GOOD dips though!  🙂 Two weeks ago I could barely do one!  Woot!

Now I’m going to rant a bit.  I hate winter.  Funny really, cause growing up I spent any time I could either at the ski hill, or at the freezing cold barn.  **aside… I was huge into horses.  I just realized how odd that could have sounded…  With my current hatred of cold weather, you’d think I’d learn to take my gym bag into the house rather than leaving it in the car.  I really don’t enjoy the shocking experience of slipping on an icy cold sports bra first thing in the morning….  really.

Second piece of purely random… WHY is it, when there is a whole HUGE change room of lockers to choose, that the moment I’m standing there in nothing but my towel, does the one other person who comes in feels the need to pick the locker right beside mine?  Sigh…  I won’t get in to my “old lady butt” story today… some other time…

I’ll leave you with my little bit of breakfast awesomeness today… egg white omelet

Egg white omelets have become a huge part of my life right now.  My mom has even been convinced to ditch her morning McDonald’s breakfast sandwich to enjoy one with me a few times.  A little coconut oil, some eggs and a handful of sautéed veggies and you’re golden.  If you make a good-sized batch of veggies, they seem to live in the fridge alright for a few days worth of omelet making. 

I know the sprinkle of goat cheese is not for the strictly Paleo, but it was really good!  🙂


get it together

So, what do you call the kind of blogging that only happens in your own mind?                   meatloaf                                              I’ve had heaps of random and fun plans for my blog over the last while, but the complete chaos that is my life right now has left me without the inspiration to actually write them down…

For the last month I’ve been living out of my overnight bag.  It’s been one hell of an emotional mess since my girl and I became individuals again and I’m still struggling to get it together again.  Not at all complaining about the living at home again.  I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to experience an adult relationship with my mom.  That part has been helpful, however living with no real “space” to spread my stuff out and get organized has been a challenge.  Especially while maintaining the order I find I need to be Paleo painlessly.  Haha!  Don’t sweat it though…  I’ve persevered.

During the month of December I discovered how easy and awesome it is to make meatloaf in a muffin tin.  The result is a little snack that you really can do ANYTHING with 🙂  At work I stick one between 2 lettuce leaves and eat them like a burger.  At home I pair them with any random veggies I find in the fridge…  Side note for that… living with my mom has been wicked for the availability of all kinds of veggies to eat 🙂  Thanks mom!  She also isn’t offended by the repulsive smell of Brussels sprouts.  I went through a run of making them in the toaster oven at my store, until a customer came in one day and asked what the sewage smell was coming from.  :-S

100 day challenge update – 15 days down, 85 to go!  While some days have been a mental battle to drag myself to the gym, I’ve been grateful for the distraction from everything else going on.  The start of this week was an emotional few days of packing and dealing with things at my old apartment.  Thursday I made myself hit the gym first thing and had one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while.  It was legs day (total fav.!) and I upped my weights on most of the exercises 😀  Wicked.  After finishing my final set of hamstring curls, I went to lift my foot up towards my butt to stretch and couldn’t lift my foot off the floor.  It was awful, and I LOVED IT.  Lame, I know.  :p

Anyways… a week from today I move in to my own place.  It’s going to be friggin hard at first I know… but I will get it together…




Sunday beef

Sunday beef

Ok. This crap makes me mad :p when stores make a HUGE deal out of a big no tax sale. Could you come up with another way to screw the people who eat healthy?!?! We already have to pay ridiculously more to buy fresh over frozen, or really anything unprocessed… (I won’t even touch on the cost of buying organic). A “no tax” sale is a joke. Unless you are buying garbage, food doesn’t HAVE tax to begin with. Arg. Ok. Done now :p thanks for reading!

wonder crust

First off… yes, I suck.  I have the great intention of blogging more, but this past month has been a challenge.  An emotional rollercoaster where I’ve been happy some days, content others, and cried like a baby in more public places than ever before.  It will get better…  Just bear with me please…

I can report though, while I haven’t shared anything, I HAVE stuck to my commitment to the 100 day transformation challenge 🙂  One little correction on that though…  It actually didn’t officially start until Jan 12.  So today is:

7 days down, 93 days to go!

I’ve had my butt kicked a little, but the beginning stages really seem to be more about determining where the limits are in terms of strength, and pushing beyond them.  Example… after 3 quads, glutes and hammys sessions, I still am not sure we’ve found the right weight for squats :p  Yesterday I pushed through 4 sets of 10 reps squatting a 45lb bar with 30lbs on each side!  I was shocked that was even possible, and now I want more!  At the same time, the chest workout on Thursday gave me a real understanding of the term “to failure”!  By the 4th set of dumbbell bench press, I couldn’t lift the weight AT ALL.  🙂  It was awful… and I LOVED IT!!

FOOD.  Glorious food.  I noticed the other day that since I got an iPhone, I’ve taken more random pictures but all seem to be of food.  mmm. 

HEAVEN.  nuff said.

HEAVEN. nuff said.

Found this amazing recipe a while ago for Cauliflower Crust Pizza that since introducing to my mom, we both has become somewhat addicted…

Side note… I’ve found it comes out better if you microwave the riced cauliflower for 8-10 minutes instead of boiling it, but then you will need a knife and fork to eat it.  This is incredible though.  🙂

That’s all I’ll leave you with for now…

One down, 99 to go

Yesterday was the beginning, now the sky really is the limit…

First session yesterday morning of my new training program.  An old friend and I got to talking a few weeks ago about her new life as a personal trainer at a great little club in Guelph and she encouraged me to sign on for the 100 day challenge.  While many look to this sort of thing for weight loss, she promised it could be catered to my goal of building muscle as well.  So… Yesterday she punished me for the first time, and i LOVED it!  Since my arms were still a bit sore from my recent upper body work, we did legs (FAV!!) and back.  Up until now, I’ve generally done most of my strength work in the women’s section at the gym, not that there’s anything wrong with that except that the heaviest weights available are 35lb dumbbells.  Yesterday I was squatting with a 95lb bar 🙂  I know my way around the gym pretty comfortably, but when it got to back work I learned I had a bunch to work on where form is concerned! 

Today I’m hoping to go to Goodlife to get a measure of body fat and muscle %/weight so I have something to compare to along the way 🙂 I’ll share that crap once I do.  I also want to share more food stuff again cause we all know that will be a big part of the game…

I’m SO excited to work with you! You’re going to see awesome results from this program!

Encouraging words i heard yesterday 🙂  Ah, sweet pain to come… 99 days to go :p  

Back in the saddle

Happy 2013 🙂 a whole new year and a whole fresh start.  Two weeks ago, my world fell apart. After 5 1/2 years of spending my life with someone I had hoped to grow old with, I found myself broken-hearted and in need of a new place to live.  Just before Christmas.

BUT… What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?  So as a New Years resolution I’ve made it my goal to get back to the basics and learn how to take care of ME again 🙂  One of the big components of that will be finding out what things really make me happy again, and I can tell you already that fitness and exercise is still huge!  I’ve become more of a gym rat again :p Have some work to do to get anywhere near the level I was at a few years ago, so hang on… It could be a rocky ride at times.

Oh! December 24th also marked 9 months of Paleo life for me.  These little milestones make me smile to think how hard work and dedication can be rewarding… This one had a darker shadow cast over it since the whole Paleo diet has been considered partially to blame for my relationship implosion 😦 but that for sure was never the intention.  Sometimes trying too hard to help can just hurt in the end…

Enough of the sad business… 2013 will be GREAT 🙂

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