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my jeans don’t fit…

check out these gems!

check out these gems!

First, let me premise this blog by saying I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum, so I speak from experience.  If you are a female, it doesn’t matter whether you are a size 2 or 14 (see the pic… I found this old pair of shorts the other day while packing.  Those bad boys used to be tight on me! :-s)  Anyways, back to my rambling.  17 days ago I started this new 100 day challenge by which I set a goal of gaining some strength back and building muscle.  Even though I know how it all works, know that building muscle means the number on the scale increasing and the way clothes fit is expected to change…  I still think of these huge shorts and start to panic.  My trainer keeps trying to reassure me that it’s very different for things to feel tight as a result of muscle instead of fat, but I’m only human.  My training program includes 5 days per week of lifting heavy shit.  The sets include 90 seconds of rest between each and I’m NOT to get my heart rate up.  Basically, the premise is to allow all the calorie burning to come from muscle repair (I think).  I play ball hockey once per week, but I’m not allowed to do any other cardio, unless I plan to eat enough to compensate for the extra calories burned.  And I have to eat a LOT.  Ok.  As a girl who fought so hard for so many years to drop weight, this is a completely backwards way of thinking for me.  AND as a girl who loves going for a run, I feel a little caged at times.  This morning, I freaked a little.  I pulled on my jeans to head to the gym and was a little shocked by the tightness through the quads that I haven’t felt in years!  So what did I do?  I’m sure trainers deal with clients doing this sorta thing all the time… I went on a binge.  But when you hear that word, you probably assume I hide in my room and ate a bucket of ice cream…  noooo… I headed to the gym as intended, but spent a half an hour sweating it out on the treadmill :-s  It felt AWESOME!  A bit wrong… but still awesome.  It’s not as though I slacked off after and skipped my chest & triceps workout… did that too.  Now the battle of good vs. evil in my mind… do I confess my sins to my trainer?


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  1. Such a hard dilemma! I would mention it to your trainer and see if there is any way to accommodate your need with the muscle building program…

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