one day it'll all make sense.

First, I’m going to ramble some happy stuff.  The gym is my happy place…  oh, and the kitchen :p

This topic is the premise of the subject of this post!  Let’s be serious, working out is wicked-awesome and hugely addictive.  BUT… it’s completely normal to have favourite and least favourite exercises.  As a whole, legs is hands-down my favourite muscle group to work.  Squats, lunges, dead lifts, all awesome.  🙂  My current favourite exercise I think would be hack squats :p  delicious…  Least favourite strangely enough ties into my 2nd favourite workout, shoulders.  Not sure if I actually enjoy working shoulders, or if it’s just that I love the look of toned delts…  Back to the “I love you not” topic.  The Arnold Press is my nemesis.  My workout routines consist of 4 sets of each exercise.  When I jump into the Arnold Press, I psych myself up with a bad-ass, tough-guy attitude.  I bust through the first two sets like a champ, then the shit starts to hit the fan.  By the third set I’m beginning to hate the damn things, and by the end of the fourth set my shoulders are basically giving me a big “EFF… YOU!!!”.   I do love the challenge of discovering new exercises that are crazy hard, but show potential for accomplishment though.  My latest conquest is chest dips…  evil… but I won’t let them stop me 😉  Today was my chest and triceps routine.  All the workouts I’ve been given as a part of my 100 day transformation challenge are 4 sets, with 90 second rest between each. 

– Chest press (smith machine)                25lb/side + bar           8 reps

– Incline dumbbell press                        25lb/side                 8 reps

– Dumbbell chest fly                          15lb/side                 10 reps

– Chest dip                                    4 sets, 1st set-4 reps, last 3 sets-4 reps of negatives

– Dumbbell chest press                      25lb/side 1st set-4 reps*, 20lb/side remaining 3 sets-8 reps

– Skull crushers                                     10lb/side               10reps

– Bench dips                                          12reps w/5 pulses at end of each set.

*Dumbbell chest press with 25lb weights was crazy hard today!  :p  WTF??  haha…  I got to the four reps somehow, then got completely stuck and couldn’t lift the weights at all.  I must have looked like a newbie, but pffft… I don’t really care. 

Yesterday was the ripping off of the proverbial band-aid.  I moved to Waterloo.  Not only was I leaving the apartment I had lived in for five years, the place where I lived with the girl of my dreams, I was doing it all solo.  Scary, sad, lonely… but a fresh start.  I’ve been working through the process of finding myself again since mid December, but now I’ll be doing it all by myself.  I am strong.  One hell of a buck, but I will get back on the horse.  And I promise I will keep the “crying” about it to a minimum… I have cried enough already 😉  The move went well, even though no person in their right mind would ever choose to relocate themself in February.  The only problem that still remains is my lack of internet.  Sucks LARGE.  I thought I was all smart, and booked the tech to come out and set me up for cable and internet access yesterday evening.  Thought it was the perfect plan!  My mom and I would be around unpacking and stuff…  We waited.  And waited…  No tech.  I called and lost it on the poor guy who answered the phone.  It didn’t get me anywhere though… I still have to wait until I can find another day when I have 5 hours free to hang out in my apartment and wait for someone to show up.  ARG!  I fully appreciate and complement good customer service, but I have NO patience for the bad stuff!  Anyways,  I will be intermittent for the time being, but once I’m all connected again, it’s game on!  🙂


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