one day it'll all make sense.

wed. rant

Need to rant for a second. Why do some guys insist on wearing short shorts to the gym?  Really?  No one wants to see that.  Another question that often crosses my mind… when working with a trainer, why does it seem many people can’t be bothered to put any effort into their workout?  I saw a lady yesterday just carelessly swinging the weights around, clearly more interested in a good chat rather than a good workout.  I can think of cheaper ways to find someone to talk to… hmm.. whatever I guess.

On a more positive not – 215lb hack squats Monday 😀 Boo-ya!!  The best part was when the next guy (yes, guy) got onto the machine after me.  The astonished look on his face felt awesome.  Climbing the stairs at work the next day didn’t feel quite as awesome… but it’s a pleasure-pain that reminds me just how hard I worked… 🙂  Hockey night tonight, so should have a good chance to run the stiffness out.  Especially since we are playing a bit of a ball hockey GOD.  :s  eek.

And cause it’s really all just food and fitness for me right now… here’s a quick bit of Paleo deliciousness… Herb Spinach Chicken Burgers.  Wow tasty!

Herb Spinach Chicken Burger

Herb Spinach Chicken Burger


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