one day it'll all make sense.

Happy Friday!

oh wow.  I’m a giant heap of random today…

A friend made a comment the other day that really made me think.  “You are a shy and private person, I can respect that.” she said.  My first reaction was, WOW!  You are so wrong!  but after some thought, I realized the truth behind this.  It’s really amazing how the events and situations that present themselves in your life can shape and mold the person you are.  Love has made me guarded… I guess that comes across as shy sometimes?  I have trust issues too :-s. I have opened up my heart to a few who have broken it badly.  They say it always heals, but I feel scars remain forever.  My job has made me private.  It’s 2013 and light years ahead of how things were even 50 years ago, but I still work in a “boys club”.  A smaller, yet growing, family business where all of the important people in senior management are male.  I’ve been with my company for almost 8 years, and put in the grunt work to move up from seasonal sales associate, to manager of my own store.  It hasn’t been an easy road, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.  Part of which has been the benefit of keeping your life separate from your job.  People at work don’t need to know more about me than what they see everyday… Unfortunately I apparently take that mentality home too!  Not to worry… I’m finding myself again….

I smile to myself every time I do it.  I know how ridiculous I look, and that it really isn’t making any difference anyway.  BUTT…  when I’m sending a message on my iPhone and the little “in progress” bar gets stuck for a second, I totally tip my phone and give it a little shake to try to help it along.  😀  laugh… it’s ok.

I finally made it to the chiropractor and had my rib cage put back together.  All is good in the hood again and I’m back in the game.  Only thing i was able to do for the last few days was run or spin…  Sooooo thankful for my home spin bike!  I find it very hard to get myself to the gym when I know the weight room will only be calling my name the whole time.  :-p. <– why doesnt wordpress give me more smilies?  Ya, they can be kinda lame, but needed sometimes…  Anyways, chiro says weight lifting is allowed, but no more throwing myself into the boards at hockey.  Damn.  Sometimes I’m just concentrating too hard on the little orange ball, when suddenly realize I’ve run out of floor…

last note… Monday night I went to see P!nk 😀  amaaaaaazing show!!!

P!nk rockin' Toronto

P!nk rockin’ Toronto


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