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fork in the road…

March 19 – early morning:

Confusion has set in for me a bit right now.  Today is day 67 of the 100 day transformation.  It’s also a month until the start of summer ball hockey.  Summer ball hockey is a LOT different from winter ball hockey cause we shift to playing on a full-size arena.  To stick to the plan my trainer gave me for the 100 day thing would mean to keep away from the treadmill as much as possible.  Something I already have cheated on several times… BUT to start a hockey season without the endurance I am used to having, I might die.  Or barf.  I’m not into that…  I mentioned before that I was considering venting a little of my frustration and disappointment with this 100 day thing anyway.  FIrst off, I guess I should be mad at myself for not taking the time to think things through and do a little research before handing over the $$.  The gym is about 40 minutes away.  It’s winter and I live in Canada, which means the driving conditions can be sketch.  And I already have a gym membership at a club that is on my way to work.  My thought process was: I can take the workout routine I get and just use it at my home club.  Yes, this is true, but the amount of $$$ isn’t really justified when all that I got out of it was 6 personal training sessions and a workout plan.  I wasn’t really bothered by that considering it was MY choice to not go workout at their gym, but when I was wandering around aimlessly on facebook the other day, I realized there WAS a lot more being offered which I was completely missing out on.  There are group bootcamp sessions 4 times per week.  There is a little “community” of people working together to achieve their goals.  There have been check-in sessions and weigh-in sessions that I was completely unaware of.  Thanks facebook :p leaning this stuff made me feel jaded…

So now I have a decision to make.  Do I continue to push forward on my own to try to achieve the muscle-building goals I set for myself?  I will admit, I DO notice a big difference in my strength, but at the cost of a lot of other things.  I used to be able to pound out chin-ups like they were childs play.  I used to be proud of my stamina and endurance at hockey.  The personal little challenges I set for myself up until this point were never ones that took away from the fitness side of life that I already had…  OR, the other side of the coin.  Do I jump back into running a few times per week and cut back a bit on the weight lifting?  Sigh…


March 19: evening:

So, the dust settled after my morning rant and I dragged myself to the gym after work.  Still not sure which way I’m going, but I hopped on the treadmill for a 5km run.  For the first time in a looooong time, I had to fight to keep running!  Pretty much every step of the way…  I hated that :p  Running has always been the easy part.  After my battle on the treadmill, I crushed out a modified chest routine.  Despite the heavy weights, this felt like a walk in the park compared to the treadmill!  Yet another reason I tend to do cardio at the beginning of a workout :p  For now anyways, I think that’s my plan.  Keep the weight lighting a constant, but build my cardio back up at the same time.  I know the extra calorie burn will take away from my muscle-building goals (unless I’m eating like crazy!) but I think I would rather not die at hockey than get all Arnold at the moment…

blood, sweat and tears have got me here...  dedication will let me stay...

blood, sweat and tears got me here… dedication will let me stay…


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