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Strong kicks skinny

Ok, if you’ve read my blog at all before this point, you already know that “legs” is my favourite workout by far.  I look forward to “legs” day every week… but the day after is often one I dread 😦  Ever have one of those days where you contemplate throwing in the towel completely?  The reason I hate the day after legs day, which sometimes turns into a multi-day hatred, is NOT because I’m sore or stiff (LOVE that part!).  Not because walking up the stairs at work is sometimes a real challenge (LOVE that part too!).  It’s because I HATE when I put on a pair of jeans and feel like my quads are sn’aussaged in!  Sn’aussage should be a word… it fits when the pants don’t.  I should be happy, I know.  I’m getting wicked strong quads and hammys, but… ya. 

Let me ramble about the pressures society places on females for a moment.  I may be gay, but I’m still a girl.  Part of the reason for this rant comes from a comment made yesterday at my gym from an older gentleman who suggested that I shouldn’t be lifting the weight that I am.  “Girls meant to lift like that…”  Was mumbled as he walked away.  REALLY?!?!  I would love to take this as a sign that he was impressed with my strength, but that’s not the way it came out.  Take a look in a magazine for a second, and I’m not talking Oxygen or anything body-building related.  They get it.  Every where you look the media portrays the female “ideal” as a skinny, scrawny stick figure who barely has the strength to lift her mucho-grande-non-fat-no-taste latte to her lips.  A while ago, I saw a bunch of ads out there promoting a shift in this mentality that were inspiring in my mind.


strong-is-the-new-skinnyI totally agree!  Girls who buy into this mentality can be a force to be reckoned with!  Strong bodies and healthy lifestyles should never be anything to be ashamed of.  hypocrite?  Yes, maybe…  I never find myself ashamed or embarrassed that I can crush 4 sets of squats with 135lbs rested on my shoulders.  That’s right!  🙂  Personal best yesterday!  AND I do get over the tight jeans eventually.  I also don’t complain about it in public :p  That’s what blogging is for…


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