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no sugar-coating

talk crossfitI read this little e-card yesterday… I laughed, then felt a little guilty. I got over it. Crossfit is something I LOVE to do. I thought about redirecting my blogging rambles to include more variety of randomness. I have lots of randomness… but I got over that too. It’s something I love to do, and love to talk about. It’s my blog :p I can ramble about whatever I want. :p Food makes me happy too, so I will throw some Paleo awesomeness in here too. So yesterday, in my moments of feeling guilty for my crossfit obsession, I decided I really should keep track of my food for a week or so just to see where I could make some adjustments to my diet to help fuel my body better. I’ve had a few really tired days lately, and I’m pretty sure my nutrition could be to blame. Don’t get me wrong, I eat very well and very rarely sneak in little cheats, but when I don’t have the time to prepare food for the week I end up having a plain old chicken breast and lettuce for lunch and dinner every day and get bored. When I get bored, I just don’t feel like eating and get a coffee instead. When I don’t bother to eat I get run down and tired. Then when I get tired, I don’t feel like cooking. Things can get out of hand quickly :p Soooo… I’m getting back on track. Making an effort to include a proper balance of fat, protein and carbs in each meal too. Here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast – green protein shake: kale, spinach, few slices of frozen strawberry, few blueberries & 1/2 scoop plain whey powder
Lunch – spaghetti squash with spicy turkey tomato sauce and avocado
Dinner – turkey meatloaf muffins, sweet potato & Brussels sprouts
Snack – carrots, celery sticks & 1 tbsp sun butter (not in the picture)

Pretty awesome lunch, which I was all proud of and excited about. Until… my wonderful staff decided to get two orders of cheesy garlic bread to share for dinner. The intoxicating smell of garlic that polluted my office put a bit of a damper on my dinner. Jerks. Bt at least the smell of garlic was strong enough to hide the microwaving of my Brussels. The smell like crap, but oh so good… Customers have complained before. :p

No crossfit for me today. Woke to brilliant sunshine so decided to go for a run instead 🙂 threw in a few good hill intervals for fun and found a new trail to try that turned my usual 5km run into 8.25km. On my way back home, I took a different route and discovered this:20130730-123706.jpg

All this time I’ve been bugging my dad to build me a box to work on my box jumps at home, and I had this right in front of me. This wall is perfect! Starts not very high and gradually increases with the slope of the hill. Simple pleasures, I know :p but I was so excited! Hopped on up until I found a height that was challenging, then called it a day… Now I just need to come up with a way to mark my achievement so i know where the “bar” stands for the next attempt without the construction guys wringing my neck 😉

I’m baaaaaack!!

Oh my!  It’s been 3 months since I’ve written anything 😮  I’m not dead, don’t you worry.  I haven’t been slacking or eating garbage either.  Last I wrote, I had just finished my 5km run at the Toronto Marathon.  I must confess, I think I sugar-coated that a bit.  It was brutal.  I was ok with my time, but I felt like death crossing the finish line.  It was an eye-opener for sure, and not something I want to ever repeat.  Since then, my running regime has increased.  In June this genius went into a triathlon sort of weekend where I double booked myself with an 8km Spartan Race on Saturday, a 5km Color Me Rad run on Sunday, and ball hockey Sunday night.  I actually found myself somewhat dreading it as the weekend approached, but once I got rolling, it was a great experience 🙂

Last weekend, I got to “pay it forward” in terms of sharing my love of fitness with two people who mean a lot to me 🙂  Last year, my younger sisters came to watch me crawl through the mud at Spartan Race and expressed an interest in giving it a try.  So…  last Christmas, I registered the 3 of us as a team for the Warrior Dash 🙂  We had a GREAT time!  The start of the race wasn’t so smooth since it involved a longish uphill run, but once we got to the obstacles, they were all smiles again 🙂

This year seems to have taken a fairly strong focus on mud/obstacle runs and random 5kms, of which I’m half way through 🙂  For the obstacle/mud runs: Spartan and Warrior completed, Mud Hero and Bad Ass Dash still to come.  For the random 5kms: Toronto Marathon and Toronto Color Me Rad completed, Kitchener Color Me Rad to come.  What have I learned from it all?  I’m a nut.  Oh, and while the mud runs are fun to complete by yourself to get a good read of just what you are capable of, the color run sucked having no one to throw chalk packs at but myself.  Lame.  It will be better the second time through since I’ll be doing it with my sister 🙂

Last topic of interest for today… July 8 I joined a crossift box in Waterloo.  😀  I friggin LOVE it.  This morning’s WOD was killer.  Walking up the stairs is a challenge.  My hands hurt from all the pull-ups.  BUT I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  It’s hugely addicting.  **which YES is a real word.  I’ve been bitching for a while now that it isn’t an adjective, but was proven wrong yesterday.  Fine.  Crossfit is addicting.

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