one day it'll all make sense.

long weekend rant

Happy long weekend Monday Canada 🙂  Not really even sure what this one is for, but my store is closed so it’s all good.  First day off in years… ok I’m exaggerating.  Felt that way.  My only sad moment today was remembering that the box was closed.  I got over it though.  Worked on my box jumps on the wall outside my building and got in a bunch of hockey-stick-snatches without breaking anything.  Also got to the driving range for the first time in forever.  With Sunday ball hockey being done for the season, it’s great to find another place to whack the sh*t out of something.  I didn’t suck as bad as I had expected either!  😮 Was happy to see I can still hit the ball pretty well right-handed as well as my usual left.  Only hooked it really bad once… thankfully the fence stopped it from smacking the girl a few tees down from me…  After that I think I stuck with my own clubs.

Back to work tomorrow.  Goodie.  It’s going to be another long week too since I am still short-staffed, but I have a bunch of interviews lined up so hopefully that won’t be for too much longer.  Sad part though, I had to bail out of the provincials tournament next weekend for ball hockey.  With my assistant on vacation, I just can’t be away from my store for the whole weekend.  Boo-urns.

Oh!  Let’s go a bit further with that topic, shall we?  Yes, I work in retail.  I’m a retail manager actually.  BUT just because I work in a store doesn’t mean I work in every store.  This happens to me all the time!  Today, I was wandering through Shoppers Drug and got asked by a lady where the tampons were.  Really?!?  I was in a tank top and Birks??  (and let’s be serious – the shoppers uniform is really not attractive, so if my regular clothes are being mistaken for that I really need to access my wardrobe…)  Do retail workers let off some sort of vibe?  Or is it a smell??  God, I hope not.  Years ago, I was working as a manager in the Sport Chek in the mall in Waterloo.  I went into the grocery store on my lunch break and ended up showing a little old lady where the eggs were.  In parting, I left her with “by the way… I don’t work here ;)”  She laughed and carried on her way…


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