one day it'll all make sense.

First off…  crossfit makes me hungry.  That’s the only explanation I came come up with as to why I’ve had moments of wanting to eat everything in sight lately.  I don’t like it.  Although… after a good hard butt-kicking, I have no desire to hunt down some Paleo friendly “treats”, but more the urge to whip up a whole dozen eggs or something…

Today I came to the conclusion that I really need to stop stressing about the upcoming WODs.  All weekend, I worried over walking into the box completely unaware of what to expect.  Then last night, when I checked the WOD for this morning, I suddenly wished it had been another “tba” kinda thing.  Wrong.  Today’s WOD had me scared sh*tless since last night.  BUT… once I got going, it was awesome 😀  Wait, let me rephrase… once I got going I realized I wasn’t going to die.  Once I was done it was awesome.  Today’s WOD started out with a nice little 3-3-3-3-3 front squats with a little peer pressure to stack some more weight on the bar.  For today, I ignored it and kept focusing on my form.  Not like I was squatting a broom stick… I had the 35lb bar with 2x10lb plates on each side.  That was just the warm-up!

warmupDon’t take that ^ as cocky… I just can’t believe what is considered warm-up here sometimes…  Then the real work began.  Today’s WOD – 3 rounds, for time:

– 30 power snatch

– 30 sit-ups

– 30 ring push-ups

shhhhhhh*t!  I thought I was going to die a few times.  I finished the whole sh’bang in 17:03 though 🙂  I’ll take it!  At Dave’s suggestion, I only used the 35lbs for the snatch, but next time I’ll get to the RX weight of 55lbs I hope.  And note – my fav. move was back in all its glory.  90 power snatches.  You know what though?  Once I got rolling, I think I actually had a bit of a break through with the damn things 🙂  My first set of 30 I felt 10-15 really solid ones.  My second set of 30 I think I nailed 13-17.  Then my third set, LOTS felt awesome.  I think at that point, my whole body had somewhat resigned to the fact that it might as well just play along or the bar was going to land on my head.  Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that the push-ups eff’n sucked.  A lot.  :p  Fine with me.  I can bitch about push-ups without giggling uncontrollably as is the case with the snatch.  “Hey (insert coaches name), will you help me work on my snatch??”  (hehehehehe….)

Ok, I’m done now.  🙂


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