one day it'll all make sense.

all roped up

Welcome to the box!  My new favourite place for release…

the boxI’ve learned, laughed, sweat, nearly cried & pushed myself farther than ever before.  Most days I LOVE it, well… at least once the WOD is over.  Today, I found the first workout I’ve come across that I’m not sure I like.  Not sure how to explain it.  I don’t back down from a challenge.  Don’t shy away from sore muscles, or bruises, even the ones I can’t explain where they came from, but today I met the rope climb.  The mechanics behind it are perfect.  It combines a series of full body movements to produce results, with a heavy focus on lower body strength.  Typically my forte… but even with the high ski socks the trainer offered me when she noticed I hadn’t brought my own, the rope burn on my legs and hands sucks!  :p  Now I find myself standing at work with my palms pressed against the cool showcase glass to ease the burn, and getting strange looks from customers wondering what the heck I’m doing.  haha  I headed into the box today with my usual nervousness at something I haven’t done before, although I have to say it does seem to get improving each time.  Part of me was excited to work on my rope climb though.  The part of me that was frustrated and angry to succeed at every other challenge we faced at the Spartan Race, only to fail on the rope climb.  Today was to be my revenge on the rope.  :p but it won again…  I may be down, but I’m not out just yet…

Let me play out today’s WOD briefly:

AMRAP in 12 minutes

– rope climb

– 15 hand-release push ups

I got through 6 rounds and an extra rope climb, although I only climbed up almost to the top 4 rounds and used the scaling version twice of lying on the floor and using arms to pull up to standing position, then back down to the start position.  Holy balls.  This WOD sounded not that bad when I read it online.  It wasn’t that bad for the first 3-4 minutes.  Then I wanted to die.  Both the rope and the push ups are SO taxing on your arms that flowing from one to the next was super tough!  I’ve found a lot of the AMRAP workouts we’ve done I’ve been able to find one of the moves that was my strongest and a oportunity for a working rest period.  Not today!

that sucked

Then we did a Tabata set, which is 8 rounds, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest of bench press.  35lb bar 10lb plate/side.  The first set I thought, I’ve got this.  It didn’t last :p  But I made it all the way through anyway 😉


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