one day it'll all make sense.

happy friday!!

Today, I redeemed myself 🙂  Went to a 7:30 WOD and all I can say, now that it’s all done and over with… That, was AWESOME!!!  😀  Man was I ever thankful that it had nothing to do with the rope though.  My hands and leg are still sore and healing from yesterday.

burntFor today, we crammed a LOT into the hour!  Started with 8 rounds OTM, 4 reps back squats @ 75-80% of our 1 rep max.  I don’t have record of what my 1 rep max is yet (like, for anything), so I picked something that I felt would be challenging – 75lbs.  I thought to myself, I maybe could have handled 85lbs, but when it came to the last round and the ante was upped to “max reps”, 75lbs was good!  Then we got to play with box jumps 🙂  seated max height box jumps.  A new love!  I nailed a few reps the 24″ box height, with 2x 10lb plates stacked on top.  Didn’t have a measuring tape in my purse, so I’m not sure exactly how high that was.  (aside – if you don’t know me, the thought of me with a purse would leave anyone who does rolling on the floor laughing)  I do know that one more roll of the box, to the 30″ height, was the breaking point for my mind…  I hate when it quits on me before I’ve even tried…  I got over it, cause next we got in to our actual WOD – 10 rounds AMRAP:

30 sec – box jumps (20″)

30 sec – kettle bell swings (35lb)

30 sec – rest

Total reps – 255

Holy crap!  Intense!  But awesome 😀  And I didn’t even lose count.  That in itself can be harder than the workout itself…  Don’t judge me :p

One thing I really appreciate about crossfit (among a million others) is I’m really learning to not shy away from things that seem hard or daunting either physically, or even mentally.  When I couldn’t get my head on track with the 30″ box, I didn’t give up… the 24″ w/2 plates was really not that much smaller, but it was a way of working around the barriers I had faced and succeeding anyway.  Small victories can be just as important as big ones… 😀

I’m feeling “bloggy” today, so I’ll toss a Paleo note in here as well.  Two days ago I decided to make this fun sounding recipe from Pinterest.  “Spaghetti squash crusted Quiche”.  Sounds good, right?  I should premise this a little… I’m a smart kid, but man do I have dumb moments at times!  Thankfully, I manage to keep most of my not-so-smart thoughts in my head…  Anyways, Quiche.  So I pressed the cooked spaghetti squash into the pie plate, filled the “crust” with some mushroom, onion, broccoli, and bacon, then poured in the egg whites and popped the whole thing in the oven.  After about 30 minutes (I think), the Quiche was set and my apartment smelled yummy.  The dumb moment – I cut the first piece and thought to myself “hey!  where did my crust go?!?”  Hey genius…  there was nothing in there to hold the crust together, so the squash essentially just made the whole thing kinda mushy.  Long story, but I don’t recommend this bad boy.  Skip the squash all together…  The little muffin tray egg cups I usually make are more flavorful anyway.


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