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My rambling my be messy and all over the place today…  I’m dealing with letting go of something my heart has held on to for far too long.  Sometimes blogging is good therapy…

I don’t even know what day it is anymore…  Summer throws my regular work routine all over the place.  I worked at Sport Chek yesterday, but today is NOT friday?  What??  :p  Anyways, after a good full day of clean & press, power snatch, squats and deadlifts of random product at Chek, I booked it home to make the 6:30pm WOD.  Just made it!  Got stuck behind two bad accidents on the highway and after almost two hours in the car, I ran through the door at CF Division just in time!  I’m a morning person… would way rather show up for a 7:30am WOD than a 6:30pm one, but I didn’t have another option yesterday and I was really looking forward to the workout.  First time attempting to determine my 1 rep max of anything 🙂  Yesterday was Squat Clean.  As usual, I heard “Kate!  Open your HIPS!!” a good 100 times, but I still got quite a few hi-5’s, so I’m making progress.  From yesterday’s efforts, my 1 rep max is currently 90lbs.  🙂  Ok.  I have a starting point.  Also discovered that I’m not the only one who has been falling asleep ridiculously early the past few months.  Maybe there’s a reason!  Chatting with a few fellow crossfitters post-WOD, a bunch admitting that since joining they just can’t seem to stay awake past 9:30-10:00!  HA!!!  It’s not just me!  I will not longer mock myself for my sleep patterns similar to an 80-year-old.  😀

Today’s WOD was awesome fun too 🙂  I need to put some time in to working on double unders though.  I gave it a shot pre-WOD, but kept whip-lashing myself.  Coach gave me a hard time for looking at the ground and once I focused on looking straight ahead, my regular jump rope abilities improved enough to sustain a good pace with minimal trips :p  Today’s WOD was:

3 rounds, 1 minute each exercise, AMRAP:

– deadlift 75#

– single arm dumbbell push press (switching arms every 3 reps) 25#

– box jump 20″

– hand-release push-ups

– double unders (or regular)

– rest

~ total reps completed – 605  (kinda cheating I guess since I didn’t do double unders)

I was sweating like CRAZY.  Hot out today, but I’m getting better at surviving despite that I think.

So, a co-worker and I are planning a “trash the scale” party.  I’ve had some days lately where something has convinced me it’s a good idea to get on the damn thing.  Most times this has resulted in my wish that I lived way higher in my building than the second floor so tossing the dumb scale off the balcony would result in its ultimate obliteration.  Not the case.  But it needs to suffer.  After a two WODs last week that had me finding the need to “scale” (not the evil kind) my workout when I started seeing stars, coach suggested I write down everything I eat for 3-4 days so he can take a look and maybe make some suggestions.  Nutrition is one of my loves…  I’m endless fascinated by how it shapes our lives.  I’ve learned how to eat to help with some of the symptoms of MS, now I’m looking to learn what modifications can be made to also eat to perform.  🙂

I used to post lots of food pics.  Used to get heckled for taking lots of food pics.  Any idea why that has subsided?  When life gets busy, I just don’t have the time to cook up masterpieces every day any more.  No one wants to see pictures of the random combinations I have come up with lately, trust me.  Also, writing out my food for the last few days I’ve discovered there’s huge repetition.  What can I say…  I don’t have someone to cook for anymore.  No need to strive to impress when it’s just me.  :p  I have cut out sugar though 🙂  Today is day 7 and I don’t feel like a drug addict going through detox anymore.




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