one day it'll all make sense.

logically speaking

This morning was bad-ass 😀  Skill was 10 rounds of 1 rep deadlifts, starting at 50% of 1RM and building up to good and heavy territory.  After the first few rounds with the 45lb bar and a pair of 10#s, coach looked at me and said “strip the 10#s, throw on the 25#s”  I felt all

excited[1]to be finally lifting something respectable 🙂  From there, the weight just kept adding until I reached my last 2 singles @ 145#!!  For years I’ve had a mixture of love and fear when it came to deadlifts.  Back in 2010 I was working out with a friend who trains others as well and performed 2-3 deadlifts no problemo, then lifted and threw out my back.  Bad.  I remember him telling me that he didn’t know how it happened cause my form was perfect.  I had dropped to my knees immediately and was stuck on the floor for a good 15 minutes before I was able to wriggle my way back to my feet.  It sucked.  I was out of commission for a while after that and the fear of deadlifts stuck.  When I mentioned this today after showing the first hesitation at a heavier weight since joining CF Division, coach gave me a great pointer.  “Lift your hips when you are in the set-up position” she said.  When you let your hips drop, the initial movement needed to get the bar off the ground will come from your lower back instead of your hammys.  Engage your hammys right from the start!”  duh!  Makes perfect sense 🙂  So add weight I did, and I was able to deadlift heavier than ever before 🙂  New PR baby!  145# deadlift!


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