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kick back and relax? me?

“all this time, I was finding myself.  I didn’t know I was lost.”  Wake me up – Avicil

First things first… I’m not one to argue with my coaches.  I believe in their systems 110% and don’t doubt suggestions, advice or orders. :p This past week, I just couldn’t say no to my new-found addiction and I was rightfully busted yesterday. Yesterday people were randomly dispersed around the box chatting before the WOD when I heard “where is KATE??” First thought… “Oh sh*t! What did I do?” Haha…  Anyways, coach S came over to ask “when was your last day off?”.  Apparently “tomorrow” was not the right answer…  It’s not just about how heavy your 1 RM is, how many pull-ups you can whip through or how many reps you can cram into an AMRAP.  It’s about the whole process, which includes hard work, proper nutrition, and REST.  You can’t go hard all the time and expect to avoid injury or continue to see results.  Eventually the body shuts down.  The goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen.  It’s hard to be awesome if you’re broken :p

That’s the part I find the hardest sometimes… 3 days on, 1 day off is the goal starting today…. Ugh. First thing in the morning and I was already thinking about the box :p  Made it to mid afternoon before I got restless.  Days off suck when there isn’t a schedule of things to do.  OCD?  Maybe a bit :p  I find myself now sitting on my exercise ball, staring at my computer screen and fending off the tempting calls from the chin up bar in my bedroom doorway, the spin bike and plyo box in my little “gym” area and the perfect running weather outside…

Got to the box early yesterday to work on my pull-ups.  Cranked out 35 reps (not unbroken tho) with the blue band, then switched to the green bad and got through another 15.  Had to switch up my grip a few times, but got through it 🙂  Yesterday’s WOD was awesome 🙂  I love the team WOD’s cause I find I really feed off the energy of others and push the bar even higher when it impacts someone other than just myself as well.

In teams of 2, AMRAP 20 Minutes:
10- Box Jumps
200m Run
10- Wallballs
200m Run
10- Burpees
200m Run

Alternate athletes after each 200m Run.

It started a bit rough… my body was tired and not all that interested, but as we got going it got much better 🙂  We finished a 200m run short of 5 complete rounds in the 20 minutes.  Hi-5 to that!

Care to know another reason I don’t like time off?  Yesterday, I hit the Reebok outlet on my way to visit my mom.  Spent my allowance.  Then today on my way home from the mom’s place, stopped at lululemon to exchange a hoody.  Spent more allowance.  :p  Don’t I work at Sport Chek for the discount?  Yes.  So why am I even allowing myself to set foot in lululemon unattended??  😮

Parting note…  as I was sitting having a coffee with my mom this morning she remarked “you’re strong enough, no?  I hope you don’t get any bigger…”  Thanks mom!  Aren’t parents wonderful?


Comments on: "kick back and relax? me?" (4)

  1. LOL My mom has said stuff like that tooo 🙂

  2. Amen on the parents thing. My mother called me last week to tell me I used to be skinnier, now I am getting “bulky”….why thank you!

    • Mothers always think they know what’s best for their children, right? Even when their child is in her 30’s… All I could say was “ok mom.” Lifting makes me happy 🙂 not going to stop :p

  3. Oh what parents like to say to their children lol. I understand that you don’t like having a day of rest because doing what you love is so tempting but you should take it. It sucks being broken for a while lol. And if you can’t maybe some light work out on your rest days will do. 🙂

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