one day it'll all make sense.

ready, and… break!

Today I found my breaking point.  This morning’s WOD was a good one in which I pushed hard and made it through.  Details:

Strength: 3 Rep Max Back Squat Rest 1-3 minutes between attempts “Backoff Set” – Use 80% of the max established above to complete 1 set for as many reps as possible

WOD: 5 Rounds For Time: 5- Front Squats #135/#85 100m Run 10- Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Workout Notes

Its time to SQUAT!  Come in a few minutes early today if you are feeling tight/stiff form this week, like I am, and stretch out your hips and quads so you can attack the 3RM and the WOD to your fullest!


3 rep max – #105

max reps – 36 @ #75

WOD time – 10:16 (#55)

The workout notes I took to heart today, although I usually make sure to get there early enough to spend some time with the foam roller, today it felt super important.  My I.T. band gets so ridiculously tight :p  Need to show my legs some love before punishing the crap out of them.  After the 1 set of max reps back squat my legs were already feeling like complete jello.  😮  Still had the WOD…

But it gave me a real appreciation for why we need our rest days.  Today was day four-in-a-row for me and I was a bit less relentless from the start.  Now I’m completely bagged!  :p  Feels like I didn’t just bump lightly into the “wall”, but careened in full-tilt and threw myself right through it.  haha!  The pre-WOD banter included casual conversation about what we all have planned for the weekend.  “I know what Kate will NOT be doing…” came from coach S.  Agreed.  I will be away from the box until Monday :p  However, Sunday I will be participating in the Rona MS Bike Tour once again.  GOAL – a CURE.  One day I hope to see that one reached…

Hungry, hungry hippo I am today!  Back up… I’ve been slightly ravenous most of this week actually.  I’ve had a real “go HARD, then go home” kind of mentality this week though, so I guess the increase in appetite is to be expected…  Jumped in the car to head to my 7:30am class with a little pre-WOD fuel of coffee, egg and sweet potato.  **note – I didn’t drive like this!  Promise!

preWODfuelbut during my “goat” double unders work, post-WOD, I was already feeling the hunger creeping back in and realizing I hadn’t brought enough food for the day.  Thank you McDonalds for playing along 🙂  Grabbed a “McPaleo” on the way from box to work.  🙂  Ok, so that isn’t listed on the menu, but sometimes creativity can be a useful weapon…  A bacon and egg McMuffin, no cheese, no english muffin, extra egg.  Done.  😀 Maybe I should suggest they add it to the menu?



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