one day it'll all make sense.

I rise, I will shine

imageAwake before the sun has become my reality, and I’m ok with that.  Well… for the most part.  The mornings are when I have the most energy.  When I get the most accomplished.  Note – Wednesday and Thursday this week when I found myself wide awake and staring at my bedroom ceiling at 4 am I was less than thrilled, but I got over it.

Today is my rest day.  Good thing!  After yesterday’s WOD, I went to work and sat at my desk (yes, sat.  That in itself is uncommon.  One of my MS symptoms – central neuropathic pain.  Sitting causes agony in my legs… but yesterday fatigue conquered over the pain) and I plugged through my day in a fog :p

Staying away from the box is a mental challenge for sure though…  When I awoke this morning at 5 am, which I consider much more acceptable by the way, I opted to throw  in a little double unders practice before getting ready for work.  I will get there 🙂


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