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Just realized I never posted this entry from last Sunday!  Better late than never maybe…

Today I got up early, packed my bike in the car, and headed to Toronto for the MS Bike Tour.  It was the PERFECT day for the tour 🙂  Sunny, not too windy, not too hot, all good 🙂  Today was my 7th year in a row participating in the tour, although a few changes over the previous years:

– first year riding solo.

– first year (I think) that we haven’t been rained on.  “Rain” being a huge understatement in most cases…

– not the first time participating in the Toronto tour, but switched over to the Niagara version 4 or 5 years ago after 2 Toronto tours in a row of riding in 8 degree weather with complete down pour.   It still rained for the Niagara tour, but at least that one is in August and not nearly as cold.  Going solo, I’m happy with the decision to switch back to the Toronto edition which is 55kms, versus the long 75km route in Niagara.  Did manage to raise $920 🙂  As much as I enjoy the rides, I really hope one day there will be no need to raise money for MS.

7th tour.  Not a rookie.  Yet every year I tell myself I will get out msbike 3on my bike more to prepare for this ride, but like every other year, today was my first time on my bike this year.  Not so smart sometimes.  I mean, I have a totally awesome spin bike sitting in my apartment that I make great use of in the winter months.  It’s the perfect vantage point for any tv watching opportunities, but come summer…  The tv rarely goes on, and the bike becomes a great fixture for airing out hockey gear or drying laundry :p

Whatever, it was a great day anyway 🙂  The first half of the ride is a combination of flat road and some downhill stretches to make it down to the lakeshore.  Before the 15km check point, my water bottle slid out of its holder, ended up under my back wheel, and shot away from my bike like a canon ball!  😮 Oops!  There was a guy walking on the trail that just saw the projectile bottle and looked at me like I was some sort of criminal  😦  Kinda embarrassed, I just kept riding…  But once I realized how far I still had to go with no water, I regretted it!

At the half way point there’s a “lunch” checkpoint (nothing Paleo friendly offered there but I was smart enough to bring snacks) and we turn around and follow a slightly different path back up to the start.  I had another moment of brilliance heading to the checkpoint.  When you are slightly confused which direction to go, it’s maybe not the best idea to follow a guy in an Oscar the Grouch jersey who really doesn’t seem to know the way either.  Ended up heading a few kms in the wrong direction before we figured things out.  The second half was challenging at times.  There were some short and steep uphill bits, which I don’t mind since they are over quickly, but the long gradual ones just seem endless and suck a ton of energy out of your legs.  Not that it’s a race, but I was in the first 20 riders to complete the 55km route and on my big heavy mountain bike too!  Getting back in the saddle reminded me of how much I used to love biking…  Hopefully enough so to inspire more riding.

Needless to say, no crossfit again today.  Back in my usual routine tomorrow, starting my day with a 7:30 trip to the box 🙂  There’s some heavy lifting on the menu for this week, so hopefully my legs are ready for action tomorrow!  Side note — I got a new pair of Reebok Nano 2.0’s last week and I totally love them!  I feel more balanced when squatting, haven’t toppled backwards since giving them a try.  Even opted to wear them today for the ride just cause of the comfort level and they rocked!  Really grab the pedals well…  and they match my shirt.  :p

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