one day it'll all make sense.

she squats bro

Trust me, the butt that no longer fits into my jeans is proof that this post title is the truth.  Winter is coming… no more shorts for this kid (other than for working out).  Thank gawd for yoga pants and sweats.  Also thankfully I live in a University town where this type of casual attire is more than acceptable…

I’m going to make excuses for a moment, bear with me…  I wanted to post yesterday after a great WOD, but I have a new employee that I’m still ironing out at work, so the opportunity to blog secretly in my office just didn’t present itself :p also, my dear MacBook seems to have really slowed in its ripe old age…  like, the little rainbow “I’m thinking…” wheel has been spinning for the last 5 minutes.  SO I must suck it up and blog from my iPad.  Poor me (not), I know.  But typing on a screen is just not the same.

Ok, I’m done 🙂 Yesterday was the start of week two of our “Build a bigger can” phase.  Much discussion came about that title again yesterday when the 7:30 class was an all female group.  I mean, we all trust our coach and believe in his methods, but I tried my bet to explain to him that a bigger can only appealed to him cause “you’re a DUDE!”  Ah well, still not sure he gets what I’m throwin’ down, but I’m still happy with my workout 🙂 AND progress since last week!  Yesterday on the menu:

Back Squats: 9-9-9-9     #95 
Push Presss: 9-9-9-9     #65
Pull-ups (Strict + weighted if BW is too easy): 9-9-9-9   green banded it again, but no mixed grip this time

*Add #15-20# for Squats/Deadlifts, #5-15# for all Presses from last week*

After completing the big 3 – pick two of the following: Do 4 sets
of 8-15, based upon load and feel.

Good Mornings
GHD Situps
Reverse Hypers
Plank Holds (4×30 Seconds) — went for 5 rounds of these, first 4 w/ #25 & last w/ #35 plate

Happy kid 🙂  My front squats were up #20 from last monday and my push press was up #10.  Both were HARD, but I survived.  The girl next to me killed it.  Her bar looked kinda the same as mine… ‘cept for the extra #25 plate on each side!!  One day I’ll be that guy 😉 lol  These workouts are funny to watch coach wander around a bit lost with what to do with himself.  Most days, his energy is used to rev us all up and provide motivation/encouragement.  In a WOD that’s not met con at all and actually has rest breaks between each set, there’s plenty of time for random conversation.  A little mental stimuli between the physical 🙂

Today has a large helping of toes-to-bar.  I don’t like those.  Or maybe they don’t like me?  Not sure but I’m going anyway…  It’s the one’s that make you want to crawl back under the covers that you need the most, right?  We’ll see 😉


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