one day it'll all make sense.

Get over it


Today I got into another battle within my head.  Part of the WOD was box jump-overs.  I could do it fine on the tiny box.  I could even do it no problems on the tiny box with weight plates stacked up making it higher than the box I needed to clear for the WOD.  But even after an intense stare-down, I could NOT get my head to commit to even trying the bigger box.  Like at all.  There must have been smoke coming out of my ears I was so frustrated.

My pull-ups are not getting better.  I practice them religiously 2-3 times a week after the WOD.  I have had days where I can get through with a thinner band helping me out, but some days they go the opposite way too.  I’m not giving up 😉  I just am ready to see some progress… please?

Ok, done complaining. I try to be a “glass half full” kind of person, but I have my days.  Who doesn’t?  Day off from work today.  Like, not even one of the days I’m off from my full-time job, but working at the part-time one.  Today is legit.  Thank gawd today was not a rest day!  Gave me something to look forward to 🙂  The WOD was a full one, with many parts:

warm-up in pairs

A runs up the hill twice   B jumping jacks   ~ then switch

A runs up the hill twice   B push-ups   ~ then switch


Every 30 seconds for 3 minutes complete – 2 burpees, 2 box jumps


AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
6- Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups   green band
12- Box Jump Overs (20”)  scaled this business – jump up, jump down on other side.  total chicken today.

Rest 1 Minute then:

AMRAP (Reps) in 2 minutes:
Hand Release Push-Ups   completed 48.  then died.  almost.

I didn’t cry today.  Tuesday we just weird.  There’s no crying in baseball…  Back to our heavy lifting tomorrow 😀  Yee!  Better eat lots today…

Oh! i found exactly what I want for Christmas!  Except there’s no chance I’ll be able to wait that long….


What?!  I can make “noodles” out of sweet potato?  Brilliant 😀 Thanks to Juli B at I found THIS site!  I was Inspiralized. Pretty amazing and totally delicious sounding… check it out!  After playing my usual game of “catch-up” including some cooking, cleaning and laundry… I decided to go out for a little more double unders practice. It was gorgeous out today, so why not 😉  Believe it or not, it was actually a successful effort 🙂

image** Note… the tattoo symbolizes “strength & energy”.  If you can read whatever language it is in and it actually means “you fool”, please keep that information to yourself 😉  In my mind it’s a simple reminder.  These two things relate to one of my biggest fears… that MS will strip me of them one day.  I won’t go down without a fight :p



Comments on: "Get over it" (4)

  1. Jump OVER the box…wow..I would freak. I finally started to like/feel comfortable with box jumps, I couldn’t imagine jumping over the box! Yikes!

  2. Cool little slicer there. I have to pass that on to my wife. Sure she will want it to. Great job not crying. I probably would have.

  3. They have that spiral noodle thingy on Amazon too! I believe it’s under $30. Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

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