one day it'll all make sense.

Random rant

So check this out – today is my rest day, so you can pretty much expect this post to have absolutely no structure or sense of direction.  Here we go…

Lets have a round of my new little game “is it weird?”

– Is it weird that I dreamt of double unders last night?  Not just my usual whip-lashing mixed with shining moments, but REAL rounds of unbroken double under perfection!  When I woke up this morning at 4:15 (no, that’s not weird.  I’m over it.  Some days I just can’t help it… I have tried my usual tricks to coax my self back into dreamland, but nothing seems to work) anyways… back to my double unders.  When I woke up this morning, I was pumped!  So I had to try to see if maybe the dream would transfer over to real life.  In the dark.  At 4am.  And…  it didn’t.  Sigh.

– Kind of a “part B” of the first one…  Is it weird that I opted for a sports bra for work today so I could practice the stupid things during slow moments?  That’s right.  I have a problem.

Rest day = cooking day. I made a batch of mini meatloaf, almond bread and pumpkin granola all before 9am.  My problem when I get on a cooking binge is I forget to eat. Drank plenty of coffee and water, but when I initially considered that it wouldn’t be very nice of me to run the good ‘ole magic bullet at 5 to make my greens breakfast drink, I just sort of forgot until 9ish :p oops!  You’re welcome neighbours.

Back to the box tomorrow. Back to my “normal”.


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