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Rise UP :)

Oh my gawwwwwd…. I’m so tired.  Like, yes physically my muscles are a bit tired and sore, but that’s not why I’m crying at the moment.  We did our annual inventory count at my store this morning.  Before open.  I mean, I’m a morning person, but getting here at 5:30am was not fun at all.  On the bright side, it’s DONE 😀  Now I just have to survive through a regular old Sunday shift and I get to go home.  yawwwwn…

As for crossfit… half way through the build phase.  Week 3 was not only the heaviest so far, but it was also the first week I made it to all 3 of the lifting days.  That’s 141 squats (not including warm-up) in 5 days.  Just saying…  Here’s a quick recap for progress made over the last 3 weeks:

statsNot all of my gains were noteworthy, but some were 🙂  Now tomorrow we begin our de-load week with longer sets but only 40-50% of what we lifted the last week.  Then the shit gets crazy…

Wasn’t able to get my accessory work in on Friday morning, so when I got to the box yesterday I made up my 4 sets of 10 x GHD sit-ups and 8 x Reverse Hypers.  As Dave reminded me when I got there “You OWE me!!”  lol, not like I would forget that sh*t 😉

Yesterday was the Summer End Social at the box 🙂  It was a day of good conversation, good food, and some fun workout challenges.  Obviously.  I had wanted to cook something awesome and Paleo to share, but after a week of not feeling the greatest, I a) didn’t want to share my cooties with everyone, and b) didn’t really have the energy.  Next time… I’ll be ready 🙂  I came to the conclusion on Thursday night that I need to either get a girlfriend, or make friends with someone(s) who likes my cooking.  This was after having spicy turkey spaghetti sauce, spaghetti squash, and avocado for the fifth day in a row.  Delicious… but variety is nice too :p

A lot of people have been talking about the “Sally” WOD lately, and yesterday Crossfit Divison gave it a try.  It was awful, and of course I LOVED IT 😀  By the way… I googled the lyrics when I got home.  That song has 31 “bring Sally down”.  aka SQUATS in this case.  I think I missed 2 😦  “rested” at the bottom.  I totally want a do-over.  Just not today…  haha

Crossfit Division “Bring Sally Up”

After a brief Sally-recovery, we did a team 7 minute AMRAP of:


Power Cleans #55

Then… after some socializing, sporatic dodgeball games, and eating…  I spent a good 10 minutes working on my double unders 😀  Oh buddy… I’m soooo close!


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  1. I actually did the “Sally” workout the other day with pushups-holy triceps/shoulders! and your gains are PHENOMENAL-you should be proud!

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