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secret’s out

Monday 09/30

I never would have guessed the de-load phase would be so hard!  Not in the usual “oh my god this is HEAVY” kinda way, but in the “am I doing this wrong?  sh*t feels so light!” kinda way.  I spent a good chunk of today’s workout second guessing myself as to whether or not I was “getting” the concept of this week.  Don’t get me wrong, my body deserves the recovery time.  Especially if I’m going to ask it to pick up the slack again next week, and the two weeks following.  Dave and Sharon often speak of “squat therapy”.  At first, the phrase made me laugh a little, but now it makes a ton of sense.  This week that is my goal.  A lot of squat therapy so I’m ready to add the weight back on.  See, my range of motion when it comes to the squat is very good.  I have no issue dropping down well bellow parallel.  However I have been struggling to figure out why I seem to end up on my toes (instead of my heals) when my legs get tired or the bar gets heavy.  Dave’s suggestion – “stick your BUTT back!”  Ah-ha!  We’ve done a bunch of practice and I think I get it, but now it’s like learning to ride a bike all over again.  :p Having a coach around makes a huge difference 🙂  Also prevents injury.  No one wants that.

First night of Kitchener ball hockey 😀  I’m going to need to un-train my mentality that came from 5+ years of living with a goalie…  There is no need for a regular old player to arrive 30 minutes before the game.  The bad part of getting there this early is the Reebok outlet is far too close for my wallet to remain comfortable.  Bad news bears…  :p  Also my first time playing coed.  Wow.  Guys are like freight trains.  Fast, and plow through anything that gets in their path.  It’s all good though :p  I’ll learn how to adapt… although I’m sure a few more checks into the boards can be expected.

Tuesday 10/01

October already??  😦  When did that happen??

The 7:30am WOD was a good one 🙂  Well… I’m saying that now, about 3 rounds in I likely may not have had the same opinion.

Skill: Pistol Squat Drills
Open Floor

WOD – 7 rounds:
1 min Row for Calories (try to hold 15/10)
1 min max reps: Power Clean #135/#95 (try to hold 10 reps)   #65
1 min max reps: Pistol Squats

Holy cow.  I found another area where I could use some work.  Pistols.  Of course, when I saw the WOD posted last night, I googled that sh*t.  Not that googling anything so far has resulted in a moment of “oh THAT!  I can do that.”  Mostly it leaves me thinking “dammmmn!  This is going to suck.”  But it has yet to stop me from going…  Anyways, I made it through somehow 🙂  On the 7th round of power cleans, I did the 10th rep (Dave had given us a goal of at least 10 reps per round), put my bar back on the ground, and went to catch my breath before the final round of pistols.  “McDowell!!  Pick that bar up!  One more rep girl!”  Came my way.  CRAP.  Apparently I gave him “the look”.  haha!  But I grabbed the damn bar and put some serious power into my final clean.  Bad news.  Dave tells me he now knows how to tell when he’s pushed me hard.  He now will be striving to get “the look” all the time.  😮  I gave away a secret today, and there’s no way I can get it back.  :p



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  1. I love when my coach tells me to do another rep, add more weight or even “no rep”! It makes me feel like they have more confidence in me !

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