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flat tire

Day two since the lovely pistol squats experience.  Also… day two of feeling like a donkey kicked me right in the butt.  Literally.  HARD.  lol.  My glutes are not happy with me.  They bitch when I go up or down the stairs, and they screamed bloody murder yesterday when I went for my torture session with the massage therapist.  He is good, and he understands me cause he works out at Division too.  But this did not stop him from digging his elbow into my screaming glutes.  Good times!  This was not my goal of visiting the “box vet” as I accidentally referred to him as when talking with coach Dave the other day.  Seriously, sometimes even I wonder where my brain comes up with this stuff.  Anyways, I went to see the vet (yup, I’m going to roll with that now) to have him work on my shoulder that has been bugging me the last week or so.  After a good 45 minutes of torture, he dropped the bad news.  It seems I’ve managed to tear a tendon along the front of my shoulder 😦  So… “Nothing over-head for at least a week.” was the verdict.  :*(  sigh…


But I’ll be a good kid and play by the rules cause we’re now only a few weeks away from Barbells for Boobs and I want to be ready for my date with “Grace” 🙂

This morning when I was wide awake at 4:30 and without a 7:30 WOD to get ready for (rest day), I went on a bad-ass cooking fest.   Figured it had to happen.  Why I didn’t take pictures is beyond me.  Slacker.

The fall resurgence of squash being readily available is often a time of year I go a little crazy and my apartment ends up looking like a farmer’s market has moved right on in.  So… I cooked some roasted butternut and some baked acorn (which later was combined with a few breakfast sausages, etc to become my loved-by-many breakfast squa-sage.  Lame, yes.  Get over it.) and of course another batch of turkey meatloaf muffins just cause they are so handy to have in the fridge for protein on the go.  Cleaned my apartment again, went to the farmer’s market (made it out without adding to my squash collection!) and picked up my mountain bike from the shop before heading to work.  This is why I like to work closing shifts 🙂  I squeeze a FULL day’s worth of stuff into my morning before even starting my work day.  Of course, I’ll be falling asleep in the office by 8, but just minor details…

Went to Division last night for a little:

10-10-10-10-10   @   50-60%

front squats #65

push jerk  n/a ( 😦 )

dead lift  #95

and 3 rounds (12 reps) of accessory work:

band rows

dumbbell curls (yes curls, you read it right)    — I stole that little note directly from the white board!

tricep pull downs

Another note on the board that made me laugh a little – Whatever you do, do not lay down after your met-cons!  Pffft!  Who does that??  (That’s ALL I want to do.  Every time.  But coach Dave likes to remind us “only the weak animals do that, so I pull up my supersuit and walk it off even when my legs are feeling like the jello shooters ya made back in high school with way more alcohol than the jello could possibly handle.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s been there?)


Back at the box tomorrow for the 7:30 WOD with coach Sharon (hopefully!  she was sick last week 😦 )  for the last day of the de-load week.  Will be just a good 100 squats (10 each front/back) with no push press in between.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  lol  I hate being injured.


Comments on: "flat tire" (3)

  1. I lay down after extremely difficult wods too….I try not too, I think it actually makes things like “Fran lungs” worse, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I might try to not do this, just try to walk it off and see how it goes.

  2. Dude, I totally lay down after hard metcons. It’s that or fall down.

    Be nice to that shoulder. If it is an actual tear you’re going to need far more than a week of recovery. 😦

  3. When I was at regionals (spectator) the strongest memory I still have is of Akinwale finishing the chipper. She was soooo far ahead of everyone and the camera stayed on her for a few minutes and she stood there cool as a cucumber. I kept thinking “OMG how is she not dying?”. The second the camera moved off her she was down on her knees. She WAS dying, she’s just too much of a champion to let it be filmed. It was awesome to witness her composure.

    Good luck with the shoulder – do EVERYTHING they tell you to rehab. I pushed too quickly and, well, you know, that delayed my comeback. Don’t be me 🙂

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