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rock out


It’s been nice to workout with both Coach Sharon and Coach Dave around yesterday and today.  Sharon jokingly told me yesterday that she is now careful about what she says to me as she doesn’t want me to slam her in my blog.  😮  I’d never trash talk my family 🙂  Well… at least not the ones crossfit ones.  The people I am family with only through blood are another story, but I try to just avoid them altogether sometimes.  Like the saying goes… You can’t fix crazy.

I’m cool with people I know having found my blog, but things are a little more censored now that they do.  It’s like singing in the car, or for me anyway seeing as I couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles.  When I want to rant or bitch out about something, I have another outlet for that now but I’m keeping that one to myself :p

Although…  I did notice Coach Sharon was wearing 2 different socks today.  This is the same woman who told me very early on in my Elements program that mis-matched workout gear threw her off her game.  Days that I find myself heading to the box dressed like a bit of a fashion train-wreck I tend to pray Sharon won’t be around to see!

Yesterday was day 1, phase 2 of the can-building.  The goal was to start this second phase with the same weight we used the second week of the first phase.  After taking Saturday and Sunday away from the box, the weight felt almost light!  I totally was not intentionally sand bagging it, but after I finished each set I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t load up the bar heavier.  That being said, I still have 2 more weeks to build on this…  AND I was going for more conservative than normal as I didn’t want to make my shoulder angry.

Monday Oct 7

Back Squats: 9-9-9-9      #95

Push Press: 9-9-9-9       #65

Pull-ups: 9-9-9-9     green band (again) but all sets unbroken!  😀  woot!

Today was a different one…

Tuesday Oct 8

Row: Each Interval For Time:
3 x 2000m Row, Equal work : Rest

8:37 / 8:54 / 8:52

It sucked :p  well… no.  It was ok, just kinda boring.  Thankfully the music was GOOD and CRANKED 🙂  At least I was able to achieve my little goal of remaining somewhat consistent throughout the rounds. I went way too hard to start the first round and though I may die by the time I got to about 750m, but I refocused and pushed/paced myself for the rest of the rounds.  I’m not sure how efficient I am at rowing, and I will always prefer running, but I do kinda like it.  Anyone else get a bruise across the torso from rowing so aggressively while coming down to the final 100 meters?  Coach Dave was practically sitting on my shoulder telling me to “ROW!!!”  So… I did!


On to my other favourite topic.  FOOD!  😀

brown bagginYesterday’s lunch consisted of my usual turkey meatloaf, sweet potato and scrambled egg whites for post-morning WOD, 1/2 bacon wrapped chicken breast topped a bowl of romaine lettuce, red pepper and avocado for lunch, and remaining 1/2 chicken breast, broccoli and celery sticks were my snacks.  Not pictured was the green shake a drank pre-WOD which consisted of kale, spinach, 2 frozen strawberries (cause they were small) and 1 scoop whey protein powder.  It tastes alright, but is less than photogenic.  One of my staff commented the other day “how’s your grass-clippings this morning?”  haha

Do you own any Pampered Chef stoneware??  That sh*t is AWESOME!!!  Best breasts that have ever come out of my kitchen!!  Wait, what?!?!


Comments on: "rock out" (3)

  1. Great row times! I suck at rowing. l’d much rather run 3 miles!

  2. Pampered Chef is the SHIT!!!!! The garlic slicer… seriously– then make fried garlic…. and then:!!!!!!!!

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