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driver’s seat

Sometimes I could swear iTunes is mood sensing.  Today it needs to ‘eff off.  My day started kick-ass, ok?  Just cause I came across an old pic while downloading some stuff for the blog that made me want to cry doesn’t mean iTunes needs to make things worse.  No more The Frey’s “maybe you had her… maybe you lost her to another…”  Yes, let’s move on please.  I’m taking the wheel now.  And yes Lorde “We’re all driving Cadillacs in our dreams”

Yesterday I checked the WOD online when I got home from work.  First thought – This looks WICKED!!  😀  Second thought – SH*T.  It’s gonna suck for sure.  LOL.  I’ve learned…  it you think “I GOT THIS!”, be prepared to die a little.  First off, I walked in to see these bad boys waiting for action.  Again.  (yes, this has been the case every day this week so far…)

CFdivision  001I should have been a bit more specific in my box-jumped post.  We weren’t doing just the usual thing.  I think Coach Dave called them drop jumps?  See that tall b*tch right at the end?  That’s the one that bites.  So once again we jumped the line-up from one end to the other, and once again all the demons in my head prevented me from conquering that last one.  But I’m not down and out just yet 😉  One day I’ll bite back.  That was just warm-up.  Which was also preceded by hoping on the rowers for 3 rounds of GIVE ‘ER all you’ve got for 300m.  Then came the real work:

Part 1. OTM for 10 Minutes
12- Burpees, after completing the 12 burpees with the remainder of the minute complete:
MAX Double Unders       scaled to 8 burpees per round & singles

Part 2. Tabata Hollow Rock

Part 3. Prowler Push

5 Rounds Each alternating GO HEAVY and GO 50′ down then 50′ back    #75 prowler, round 2&3 added #10s (each side), round 4 2x #10s, round 5 3x #10 — DUDE!!  That’s a body weight push!

Ok, part 1 was harder than I let myself expect it to be.  When I started crossfit, I would rather do ANYTHING than burpees.  I’ve since resolved in my mind that I’m going to see a fairly substantial helping of these weekly, so I might as well get over it.  But what I didn’t count on in this little 10 minute AMRAP was the fact that there is NO rest period.  Like, at all.  Round 2 I was dizzy once I finished the burpees and grabbed the skipping rope but I told myself “no time for this game today!  Keep going!!” and finished the full 10 minutes without scaling the burpees reps any farther 😀  Success.

CFdivision  003

Part 3 was brutal.  The last time I did prowler push it was outdoors, but today was on the rubber box floor.  Like pushing the friggin thing through mud.  Like heavy, sticky, unforgiving sh*t.  Haha  At the end, Dave threw in a course of pylons to weave the thing (thankfully empty!!) around, for time.  I finally managed to crawl the prowler across the finish line in 90 seconds.  And maybe 2 minutes later I was able to stand up again.  :p

AWESOME WOD today 🙂 Rightfully followed up with a heap of scrambled eggs and cumin sweet potato.  Off work today (except Sport Chek later) so there’s a whole bunch of cooking on the game plan…



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  1. Ha! The EMOM was an Outlaw Way WOD a few weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile now..

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